Snow-white wedding dresses with bows have long been full participants in fashion shows. A Flirty accessory can be placed in the back, front, side, on the shoulder, on the hips. There are countless ways to use it.

Turquoise bow for wedding dress
Turquoise bow for wedding dress

The bow is appropriate both on the magnificent decoration in the style of the Marquise Pompadour, and on the vintage dress of a modern student who ordered it from sketches from the “grandmother’s chest”. This is the case when the designer’s imagination is limited only by his personal taste and the nature of the customer.

Wedding dress with a bow at the back – elegant splendor

A wedding dress with a bow at the back looks truly Royal. A luxurious satin accessory at the waist emphasizes the graceful posture of the girl, the perfect proportions of her figure.

Bow on the wedding dress
Bow on the wedding dress

By the way, good stylists know about their ability to adjust the appearance of any model. A bow on a dress with a low waist, transferred to the end of the lacing of the corset, evens out the proportions of a squat figure, and located just above the knees visually lengthens the legs.

Extremely elegant look bows in dresses with an open back. Collected from the finest fabrics in the form of butterfly wings and attached to the lower corner of the v-shaped neckline at the level or just above the shoulder blades, they give the bride a touching airiness and tenderness, and at the same time, if necessary, hide a certain stoop. In this case, it is better to choose a very short veil or decorate your hair with flowers.

Bold cleavage on the back of a confident girl, as a rule, reaches the waist. Often it is covered with the thinnest mesh or lace. A worthy completion of it is a bow made of dress fabric, the size of which depends on the volume of the lower part of the outfit. The insert and bow can be embroidered with pearls, decorated with rhinestones.

The beauty of the long back cutout, covered with expensive lace fabric, is wonderfully emphasized by a vertical row of small bows attached to the Central seam. This technique focuses on the unique grace of the bride.

White wedding dress with a bow at the back
White wedding dress with a bow at the back

The bride will look fragile and charming in a fluffy airy dress with a large bow-bow at the back of the waist. This same, but strict accessory with long flowing ends will make a perfect fitting dress – “fish”. In accordance with the latest trends, it can differ in color, for example, light peach, pale coffee or lilac, pale blue, and even red.

Wide ribbons to match the dress, turning into a train, emphasize the status of the bride and her ability to wear the most refined outfits. With a lush multi-tiered skirt sewn from light translucent fabrics, the ends of the bow can be formed by flounces and this enhances the overall impression of sophistication and luxury.

Beige bow on the bride's dress
Beige bow on the bride’s dress

A wedding dress with a bow on the front is the embodiment of a girl’s dreams.

No less interesting solutions are offered by stylists in a wedding dress with a bow in the front. These outfits can be playful and Flirty, elegant and sophisticated, solemn and lush. The most festive fabrics are used: silk, satin, brocade, lace, chiffon.

Long wedding dress with a bow
Long wedding dress with a bow

The shapes and sizes of bows are also very diverse: butterflies, asymmetry, flowers, tiny ” rectangles “and large” malvins”, so future newlyweds have something to think about together with their designer. The choice depends on the style of the wedding dress and the features of the bride’s appearance.

A-silhouette is a win-win option for young ladies of all body types. The form-fitting top and expanding hem add slimness to any figure, visually “stretch” it.

Photo of a wedding dress with a bow

This effect is further enhanced by the bow that emphasizes the high waist. It can be located in the center of the undercut line or on the side of the yoke, be small and flat with narrow flowing ends, or fancy, complex style and richly decorated with embroidery and rhinestones.

There are rules for using bows at this point. A beautiful bust is enough to emphasize a thin belt made of dress fabric with a small flat bow in the middle

A high-waisted outfit is sure to come in handy for future moms. By attaching a beautiful bow here, the ends of which are cut out along the oblique, and smoothly “flow” on the skirt, you can adjust your silhouette great.

Mermaid Wedding dress with a black bow

Bride’s dress with a bow on the chest

Special functions are performed by the bride’s dress with a bow on the chest. If it needs to add volume, this element can be made more magnificent, decorated as soft “petals” and attached above the bust. No additional tricks are needed. A tiny playful bow at the end of a deep neckline will become a cute accent on a beautiful neckline or a logical conclusion to elegant draperies, which, by the way, can also play the role of “push-up”.

Flower bow for short wedding dress

Elegant bow at the waist says that the young bride from childhood dreamed of finding herself in a fairy tale, and the wedding day gives her this opportunity. “Just like Cinderella” will look like a dress with a full skirt and an oblique upper frill made of the same or contrasting fabric texture. It may be much shorter in front than in the back, or its semicircles may converge under a bow located in the center. This will present the” aspen ” waist of the bride in the most favorable light.

Photo of a wedding dress with a bow
Photo of a wedding dress with a bow

The belt and bow at the waist in front can be quite modest if the neckline and hem of the dress are decorated with luxurious Chantilly lace or now popular applications trimmed with cord and beads. This splendor does not need excesses, but the veil can be long and lush.

No less popular are wedding dresses in which bows are located on the left or right, at the waist, hips, or above the knees. They are sewn from the same fabric as the entire outfit or a contrasting texture. Often they are made double-layered, ruffled, tied in an unusual way. Very effective are such accessories made of thick silk or brocade, in the center of which is an expensive brooch or exquisite embroidery with rhinestones.

Clear rectangular or” oblique ” ends that rise above the skirt are often trimmed with fine lace and embroidered with pearls. Soft ribbons and flounces that fall from under the bow are sometimes treated with gold or silver thread, which is combined with other finishes of the set.

Stylish dresses – “fish” or “mermaid” perfectly demonstrates the smooth curves of the female figure. With the help of an elegant belt with a bow at the waist, it can be given the perfect “hourglass” shape, which is considered by most of the stronger sex to be a model of femininity. You can look even thinner and more elegant only in a tight-fitting outfit with a peplum laid in soft folds or tails, in the center of the belt of which a small bow is attached

Full dress of the bride with a bow

Good taste suggests that in this case, you need to avoid any pretentiousness. If the dress is made of expensive lace fabric, it is better to make the belt from thick silk or taffeta. In turn, a silk outfit will perfectly set off an accessory of the same texture, but in a different color: light beige, pale pink. Those who like to stand out from the General background may well complement the wedding dress with red, cherry, dark blue or even black belts with bows.

Bow on the bride’s puffy dress

Dark coloring visually removes a few centimeters from the bride’s waist, and it is also an excellent background for using complex decor: small bouquets, pearls, rhinestones, sequins, thin ribbons and lace. An artfully created composition can be a great decoration for even the most modest outfit.

For fans of mini dress

Design in the form of bows is often chosen by brides who prefer minimalism or perky skirts in the style of a baby doll. Traditional brocade sheath dress looks festive and solemn with a strict bow, reminiscent of artistic graphics.

If you place it at the level of a high waist, decorate it with a brooch, and lay the ends in a clear cascade, it can compete with any evening dress.

Short dresses with full skirts evoke a sense of lightness and fun, and lush bows, whether in front or back, resemble doll outfits and emphasize the youth of the newlywed

Girls with character, who like to slightly shock others, can order the most original set – a very short dress on the figure and a lush transparent Cape skirt, strongly shortened in front and almost turning into a train at the back. And it will be kept on a silk belt with a charming bow.

How to tie a bow on a wedding dress

But the style is chosen, the outfit is sewn. To feel comfortable in it and Shine in it during a long and joyful day, you need to provide everything to the smallest detail, including learning in advance how to tie a bow on a wedding dress (unless, of course, it is attached to the outfit initially).

White satin bridesmaid dress with bow

So, if the design concept of the bow has an asymmetric shape and is located on the shoulder, it is created from two elongated straps that are tightened at the desired height, so that the armhole does not cut into the armpit and does not restrict the movements of the bride. Above them, a “butterfly” is formed with uneven “wings”, the ends of which either protrude provocatively to the sides, or hang down to the middle of the thigh, which depends on their length.

It is even easier to tie a silk bow at the waist, whether in front or back. To do this, tie the belt in a knot, form two loops from the remaining ends, stretch them through each other to the desired size and straighten. If such a belt is provided on a dress with a corset, first, of course, you need to lace up the corset.

The corrugated belt looks very impressive. It should be wide enough to lay 3-4 folds on it. Then, holding it tightly to you, wrap it around your waist and tie it in a knot. Further actions are at the discretion of the bride and her designer. You can build a lush bow, or you can leave the ends free.

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