For special events, not only open, but also closed evening dresses are used, which look no less elegant and glamorous.

Fashion trends of evening closed dresses

Many women, regardless of age, prefer to go out in closed dresses. Such outfits are particularly relevant in the cold season, when open areas of the neckline or back, lowered shoulders are not quite appropriate and cause more inconvenience than aesthetic perception.

One of the most expressive elements of the cut in closed dresses is the sleeve, its length and shape. The sleeves can be long, short, or¾. The shape also varies, from classic straight lines to exquisite ones – Episcopal, bells, petals, etc. To add more luxury and chic to closed dresses, designers generously decorate them with decorative elements-embroidery, applique, rhinestones, sequins, stones, sequins.

No less aesthetically pleasing and attractive look and outfits in which there is no decor. The bet in this case is made on a complex architectural cut, in particular, asymmetric, color and fabric.

With cuts

Dresses with a split, regardless of its length and location, always look sexy and somewhat provocative. The incision can be located on the side, front or back, chastely open the legs, or show them almost to the hips.

Naturally, the neckline, open figured cutouts on the bodice, and catchy decor are unnecessary in this case, as they can add elements of tastelessness and vulgarity to the image. This season is relevant fitted dresses made of matte dense textures that hold their shape well, with long sleeves of the original shape.

Draped back

A dress with a cutout on the back is the standard of femininity and sophistication. It can be of different shapes – in the form of a triangle, oval, rectangle, rhombus, etc.

In closed dresses, only the illusion of an open back is created, since the neckline is draped with a thin transparent fabric – chiffon, mesh, lace. Often, designers balance the provocativeness of an outfit with ribbons or lacing.

With a full skirt

Dresses with a full skirt a La Princess, made of tulle, are very popular among girls, and especially among graduates. And this is a simple explanation – the beauty and luxury of the outfits have no equal, even if the bodice looks quite chaste, without a hint of provocation. A special charm is given to such dresses by long sleeves-Juliet, Calypso, flashlight, etc.

Dresses with a full skirt can have an asymmetric cut, when the hem is longer in the back than in the front, as well as a train that is detachable for convenience. An alternative along with a full tulle skirt is a closed balloon dress. Its style implies an airy skirt that tapers down, and the hem is gathered on an elastic band.

Fashion dresses for older women

Ladies of elegant age, as a rule, with special care approach to the formation of a wardrobe, including evening. Closed dresses are very suitable for them, as they allow you to demonstrate your personality, sense of style, and good taste. Fifty-year-old women should focus on the following models.


The classic sheath dress has no sleeves, but designers interpret the popular style differently, making stylish adjustments to it. Modern models can have long sleeves, sleeves, flashlights, etc. This dress looks extremely elegant and elegant, adding an unsurpassed charm to the evening outfit. Stylists advise you to pay attention to bright monochrome models, which are very easy to choose accessories for.


Dress with a sophisticated cut “mermaid” is also featured in the evening fashion of many of the original styles. For older women, closed fitted floor-length models with a skirt flared from the knees or hips are relevant. The sleeves are as simple as possible, since the emphasis is on the lower part of the dress.

Current models for overweight girls

Women whose parameters are far from ideal should not be upset. Designers are ready to offer them a lot of original and beautiful models of evening closed dresses that allow you to distract attention from the shortcomings and emphasize the advantages of the figure. These dresses include, first of all, Greek, which is considered to be a timeless trend.

Feature of dresses in the Empire style-high waist. This technique allows you to distract attention from the lush thighs and protruding tummy and make a spectacular accent on the beautiful chest. Greek dresses don’t have to be open.

There are also interesting models with long sleeves, usually loose. The highlight is given to them by an embroidered bodice, thin, flowing fabrics.

Another good option for overweight women is an evening closed dress with a smell. The smell line forms a clear graphic silhouette and adds a slimness and grace to the figure. The appropriate length is Maxi, and MIDI will look good, but in this case you need high-heeled shoes.

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