Styles of summer dresses can be different. Stylists offer modern fashionistas to pay attention to current everyday models. Business women are perfect for concise styles. For festive events, you should choose interesting elegant options.

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Recommendations for types of shapes

When choosing a specific model, you must take into account the features of your body.

Stylists distinguish the following types of shapes:

Pear. This type is characterized by voluminous hips, a thin waist and narrow shoulders. To look harmonious, the dress should draw attention to the chest. The ideal solution will be products with a bright top and dark bottom, models with decorative elements on the bodice-print, drapery, rhinestones. Look good straight model, slightly extending from top to bottom.

Triangle. Owners of wide shoulders and a voluminous bust will suit models with a dark top. At the same time, the lower part should be as lush as possible. To emphasize the hips, you can choose bows and bright decor. Owners of a small bust should draw attention to the hips. In this case, the drawing should adorn the entire dress. Dresses with an asymmetric top or a triangular neckline will be an excellent solution.

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Rectangle. Girls with a lack of a pronounced waist, wide hips and shoulders should give preference to corrective belts and geometric prints. The outfit can have a contrasting top and bottom, for example, dresses with drapery, peplum, or a Tulip skirt. At the same time, the transition line should be as clear as possible.

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Hourglass. This figure has harmonious proportions. It is characterized by a pronounced waistline and moderately wide shoulders and hips. This type of physique does not require adjustment. Any styles will suit this type.

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Apple. These girls are characterized by slender legs and a pronounced belly. Therefore, they should choose models with belts, belts, corsets. A perfect solution will be a balloon dress, flared and multi-layered products, models with an oblique cut and a triangular neckline. To make the image more harmonious, pay attention to geometric patterns or decorative details in the lower part of the outfit. Too tight models are prohibited.

Choosing the right length

When choosing the length, you must take into account the features of your figure. Personal preferences and the purpose of the outfit are also important.

Long Long dresses help to make any bow more romantic and elegant, they easily hide full legs.

Maxi dresses perfectly fit into evening compositions. You can also wear them to various events. However, guipure dresses can be worn during the day.

For a walk around the city, the sleeveless model is perfect. It should be made of light natural fabric.


These dresses are perfect for hot weather. The optimal solution will be products up to mid-thigh, they are recommended to wear during the day.


MIDI length outfits can end just below the knee or reach mid-calf. Such models look concise and at the same time allow you to create surprisingly stylish bows.

The most effective solution is direct models. To get an even more expressive bow, you should give preference to a product with a cut. If you want to create a cute bow, you can choose a flared model. With this dress, shoes with heels look great.

Attention! It should be borne in mind that such models are able to visually shorten the legs. Therefore, they are recommended to choose exclusively tall girls.

Colors and prints

When choosing color solutions, you should take into account your personal preferences. The color type of appearance is also important.


Today, you can find a variety of colors in designer collections. This allows each fashionista to choose the best option. One of the actual shades is considered green. A light outfit of this color looks very fresh. Rich green color helps to get a bright and colorful ensemble.

Girls who want to get a light and airy bow, the blue color is the best fit. This shade can serve as a decoration for both casual and evening dresses. If you want to look more unusual, you should give preference to a turquoise shade.

To get a surprisingly feminine composition, you should buy a pink dress. All the more so because today a variety of variations of this color are in fashion-delicate, salmon and dusty pink tones.

The cage dress

Stylists advise giving preference to a large drawing. This color scheme looks original, allowing you to create slightly daring images. If you want to look more formal and concise, choose a small cell.

Polka dot

Today, dresses decorated with small prints are at the peak of popularity. Small peas are more like frequent dots. These outfits look extremely romantic and feminine. To look quite restrained and concise, you should give preference to a dark chiffon Polka dot dress. To create a romantic bow, a pastel outfit with white peas is suitable.

In a strip

This is one of the most versatile prints. He quite often decorates summer outfits. This drawing allows you to visually adjust the proportions of the figure. Vertical stripes help you look slimmer, while horizontal stripes can add volume.

Black and white stripes are considered a universal solution. However, today designers offer fashionistas a variety of options, combining white with pink and red with yellow. If you want to look more bright, you can afford a combination of yellow with green or black.

Solid colors

These dresses have an amazing versatility. They can be supplemented with various accessories and other clothing. At the same time, you should give preference to the most popular shades. Today, peach and brown tones are very popular. You should also pay attention to the creme brulee and gray-lavender tone.

Popular fabrics and textures

Summer outfits are usually made of fairly light materials that allow you to feel comfortable even in the hottest weather.


This is a very light and airy fabric that is perfect for summer. It’s not hot in chiffon dresses at all. In addition, they have an amazing versatility. Short models are a good complement to everyday bows, and extra-long – can create formal compositions. Girls in these dresses look more fragile and sophisticated.


This is a fairly light and thin fabric, which consists of cotton and synthetics. Staple dresses are surprisingly comfortable. The silky fabric is perfectly draped and does not fade. It is used to sew loose dresses with a flared cut. This material is easy to paint. Because these dresses have quite rich colors.

Made of silk

This natural fabric is currently at the peak of popularity. Silk dresses are quite expensive, but they look really elegant. These dresses are weightless, so they are perfect for summer. Especially relevant today are models made in linen style.


It is not the first season that denim dresses are popular. This fabric has an amazing practicality and amazing density. Because it is actively used for sewing a variety of products. Since denim is considered a very dense fabric, you need to choose the most open outfits for summer.


Today, tight-fitting models are very relevant. The finest knitwear can be safely worn in any weather. This fabric is characterized by amazing softness and elasticity. The undisputed advantage is the affordable price.


This natural material is especially popular in summer. They perfectly absorb and easily remove moisture. In this dress, the skin has the ability to breathe. Cotton dresses are surprisingly comfortable and look very stylish.


Another natural fabric that has not lost its position on fashion catwalks for many years. This material is perfectly breathable. At the same time, it looks just amazing. Such products are often decorated with all sorts of patterns and embroidery.

TOP 15 modern and stylish

To look perfect, you should choose the lightest and most breathable dresses for summer. They can have a variety of styles, especially since designers offer many options.


Such outfits fit the figure and emphasize all its advantages. Most often, they are supplemented with short sleeves. Outfits can have different shapes of cleavage. Owners of a magnificent bust will perfectly fit a triangular neckline. Girls with small Breasts should pay attention to a square or oval neckline.


The model looks like a geometric shape. Usually the outfit has an implicit silhouette, which is ideal for full girls. Most often, the dress is made to mid-thigh. The outfit can be festive or casual-it all depends on the fabric and color scheme.

T-shirt dress

This current trend is popular with many fashionistas. This relaxed version does not restrict movement and provides amazing freedom. To look more original, you should pay attention to the asymmetric model.

Tunic dress

This outfit you can choose not only to create a beach with bows and arrows. The designer collections feature fairly dense models. Classic tunics are made from fine fabrics. The cleavage area is often decorated with ties or tassels. If you want to look more elegant, you can choose a model with fringe.

Robe dress

This outfit is somewhat similar to a housecoat with a belt. It has a V-shaped neckline, which helps to emphasize the large bust. Wide sleeves perfectly hide full arms, giving the figure grace.

Noodles Dress

This dress is made of knitwear. It is characterized by a special pattern – relief stripes. These models look very stylish and original. They fit well to the figure. In cool weather, you can wear models with a high collar. For the heat, products with a boat neck are suitable.


These models do not have a pronounced waistline. Such products are popular with overweight and pregnant girls. Usually, dresses are draped and short in length.

With open shoulders

These models have a voluminous lapel that exposes the shoulders. Today, knitted models are very popular. They are given a flying silhouette, which helps to hide the shortcomings of the figure.

With open back

Most often with an open back decorated with evening gowns (check the evening closed dresses as well here). They have a form-fitting cut that emphasizes all the advantages of the figure. In this case, the cutout can reach to the shoulder blades or to the waist. Lighter products have a flared bottom. At the same time, only half of the back is exposed.

Summer Dress with flounces

These decorative elements adorn not only the shoulders, but also the lower part of the dress. These models look surprisingly gentle and touching. They allow you to create romantic bows that are suitable for a walk with friends or a date.

With a hood

These models are becoming increasingly popular. Usually this element complements products in the boho or hippie style. These models have a loose fit. Often they are supplemented with flared sleeves.


Usually these dresses are complemented by a pronounced bra that emphasizes the chest. Often outfits have a corset and a flared skirt.

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Combination dress

This dress is made in linen style, has a flared cut and a high waistline. Such models are sewn from light materials. They organically complement evening bows, emphasizing the elegance of their owner.

For pregnant women

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During the period of carrying a child, you should give preference to natural fabrics and a comfortable style. At the same time, stylists do not advise hiding their position by choosing shapeless outfits.

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