Styles of straight dresses can be casual, business, or festive. This helps you choose the right option based on the event format. Stylists advise you to focus on the proportions of the figure and the color type of appearance. Thanks to this, the look will be harmonious.

Who can wear straight dresses

Short girls can look taller in straight dresses. These models go well with a rectangular shape. They can be worn by girls who have an hourglass physique.

Owners of other types of figures to a straight cut should be treated very carefully or completely abandon the style.

Attention! To hide the extra weight will help direct the outfit of the freestyle. If you need to hide extra inches in the area of the hips and waist, a model with dark inserts is suitable. They should be located on the sides. Emphasis on the waist will make a belt or belt.

Experimenting with length

Straight models have different lengths. This allows you to choose a good option, taking into account the features of the figure.


These clothes are well suited for walks and parties. In it, you can go to a club or on a date. Shortened models can afford girls with perfect shapes. It should be borne in mind that they are suitable only for young fashionistas.


A straight floor-length outfit looks good at special events. In such clothes, you can attend a social party. This will help you look solemn. A straight cut combined with a good length will visually lengthen the silhouette.

Summer dress

The straight cut is well suited for summer. It looks concise and allows you to get a comfortable bow. There are such styles of this clothing:

Sleeveless. This is a good option for hot weather. Cotton and knitwear will compliment your everyday look well. Chiffon evening dresses is decorated with composition.

With short sleeves. Medium-length clothing harmoniously complements business images. It should have neutral shades or a checkered print. Clothes with a collar will help you look elegant.

Mini. They are often decorated with original drawings and decorative details. These styles are suitable for Dating. You can go to a meeting with friends in them. It is important that the figure was beautiful.

With lace. These clothes make you look very gentle. A feminine dress can be completely Lacy or combined. In the second case, guipure details adorn the skirt, sleeves or back.

Warm styles

For the cold season, models made of dense materials are suitable. It can be wool or drape. Knitted and leather products look good. The sleeves are different. However, models with short sleeves should be combined with jackets or boleros.

To the actual warm styles are:

Sweater. A very relevant item that will reliably protect you from the cold even in the coldest winter. Trendy trend – large knitting. These products give the girl a charm, making the image more romantic.

With a peplum. This is a versatile product that fits all body types well. The model complements any image, helping to hide flaws. Girls with narrow hips, it gives the missing volume, and full-allows you to mask the extra centimeters. This cut perfectly emphasizes the waistline.

With long sleeves. This is a very low-key option. It fits into any event format. This dress is the perfect solution for winter. Long sleeves accentuate the slimness of the figure, helping to hide its disadvantages.

Evening models

At special events, it is important to look perfect. The right dress will help you solve this problem. Stylists recommend these styles:

With an open back. A floor-length outfit that bares your back is a good choice for a holiday. It looks beautiful at a graduation or any special event. The highlight of the outfit is an open back, which allows you to look very feminine.

With a cut. A long outfit with a provocative cut will help create a seductive bow. This detail can be present at the back, side, or front. These models are usually made in classic shades-black, white, red.

With a train. Straight dress, complemented by a train, looks very elegant and solemn. You can choose a short style with an extension at the back or a long outfit with a train sewn on.

Business dress for the office

Such clothing should be neutral and concise. Stylists recommend the following styles:

Classic. They are devoid of decorative details, have a neutral color scheme, a simple cut. A bright representative of such outfits is a small black dress, which was invented by the famous Coco Chanel. It is characterized by a laconic cut, round neckline, long sleeves, noble length.

Case. This is one of the most traditional outfits for the office. It is characterized by the absence of a seam at the waist, a tight fit that emphasizes the features of the figure. The classic version has a round neckline, knee-length. It is characterized by the absence of a collar and sleeves. However, today designers offer many variations on this theme.

With a white-collar. For many seasons, such models remain relevant. White-collar makes clothes more strict and concise. It is often supplemented with the same cuffs.

Wedding gown

Many brides prefer straight dresses that look very concise. With their help, you can get a feminine and stylish bow. To do this, you can choose the following styles:

Lacy. This model is suitable even for those who prefer an extravagant style. Bold brides without complexes can wear a straight dress that is sewn entirely from lace. The lack of lining will help to demonstrate slender legs, making the bow sexy.

In the style of boho. The outfit makes a hint of vintage style, helping to show personality. The wedding model can be supplemented with original applications, massive lace, mesh details. A good option would be flower drawings. Such products are sewn from natural fabrics.

Short. This option is the choice of a bold bride. Cropped dresses with a straight cut look very good. You can wear it to an informal part of the party or use it as a second one. With a train. This dress looks elegant and expensive. However, it will not suit short brides, because it will visually reduce the silhouette. A style with a train is a good option for tall and slender girls. Miniature brides will fit an even floor-length skirt.

Straight dresses for overweight girls

Girls who are overweight should be careful about choosing a straight dress. It should highlight the advantages. Such styles will cope with this task:

Case. This classic style well hides the shortcomings of the figure, emphasizing its advantages. It is suitable for business negotiations. The outfit can be worn on a date or a special event.

Tunic dress. This style looks good on a walk around the city. A tunic can be an independent thing. It is also acceptable to combine it with leggings. The versatility of the outfit lies in its compatibility with any footwear. The loose silhouette will hide the problem areas-wide hips, bulging belly, and sides.

With colored inserts. Vertical extensions in different shades allow you to create beautiful business images. They have a slimming effect. The combination of colors can be different. Looks good black and white, gray and black. The sides should have dark details that make the figure slimmer.

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