Short white dresses, regardless of the style, whether it’s a stylish men’s shirt or a romantic translucent “nightgown” with thin straps, a playful baby doll, or a sundress in boho style-a true must-have of the season.

White models that are relevant for both formal and informal occasions look amazing and create an image of feminine and sophisticated nature that always attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

Fashion trends of short white dresses

Famous designers like to work with white and often use it to create a variety of models in the evening and casual styles. And this year, of course, was no exception. The collections include strict models of office cut, and magnificent dresses for celebrations, and naughty cocktail dresses – from all this dazzling variety, each girl will choose the best option for a particular occasion.

The most advantageous white, from a cold shade of ivory to a soft and warm cream, looks in summer products, refreshing the image, adding elegance and glamour to it.

Color has an undoubted advantage – it repels ultraviolet light, so white clothes are not hot and quite comfortable in the summer heat. Summer short models this season are presented with original beach sundresses, which stylists suggest mixing with bright flat-soled sandals, chiffon dresses with a pleated skirt, tightly buttoned satin sheath dresses, as well as refined models with puffed sleeves.

White short dresses don’t have to be plain. The trend includes a variety of prints – sea stripes, flowers, exotic plants, abstraction, ethnic ornaments, openwork decor and, of course, charming playful polka dots. Peas with small inclusions or large coins are an undoubted favorite of the summer season.

As for the textures used, summer evening models are sewn from silk and chiffon, organza and satin, guipure and brocade, while everyday models are made from cotton, denim, and viscose.

It is noteworthy that this summer, white shirt dresses significantly pushed similar models of dark colors-blue and black. They are extremely popular when creating office bows and in combination with beige boats look stunning!

For winter white dresses, it is important to use knitwear, cashmere, fine wool. Openwork dresses that are crocheted look great, as well as models of voluminous knitting with convex braids and braids.

For the wedding

Today, the bride can choose how long her wedding dress will be. If even some 20 years ago, most girls preferred long luxury outfits, today a short dress for a wedding is not only not forbidden, but also welcomed by stylists.

It’s very simple. It’s about convenience. Of course, a floor-length dress decorated with numerous ruffles and ruffles will allow the bride to feel like a Princess, but in a stylish mini dress, the girl will be the most fashionable bride.

  • The advantages of a short white wedding dress include, first of all, maximum convenience – you will not get confused in numerous ruffles and skirts, you will not get uncomfortable from the heat and stuffiness.
  • If the girl certainly wants to Shine in a long outfit, the way out will be a transformer dress with a train. After the official part, you can unfasten the hem and have fun with the guests in a charming mini.

Naturally, a short dress, even if it is white, has a better chance of preserving its original appearance, and later it can be used for other occasions.

It is also important that a short outfit will cost less than a luxury toilet. Finally, in a mini dress, the bride gets the opportunity to show other slender legs.

A short wedding dress can be made to order or purchased ready-made. Among the fashionable outfits are the following:

Sheath dress. Elegant and moderately strict outfit in the style of Jacqueline Kennedy. The length can be classic-MIDI or bolder-above the knees. If a girl wants a less formal toilet, she can choose a case that fits the figure as much as possible or with an open back.

With a peplum. A wide flounce can be placed at the waist, on the hips, under the chest, or even on the shoulders. Regardless of the location, these dresses look extremely tempting. There are also beautiful modern wedding models with removable peplum.

With a full skirt. A great option for brides planning a retro-style wedding. One of the most fashionable models, inspired by the style of the 50s, is considered a lush tea-length dress, the length of which reaches the calves.

With long sleeves. This model is worth considering for girls who choose a very short dress. Long sleeves that can be transparent will balance the top and bottom and reduce the inappropriate degree of sexuality at the celebration.

With a transparent skirt. This option is a kind of compromise between mini and Maxi. Dresses made of satin or guipure of a straight silhouette, where a long transparent one is sewn on top of a short skirt, are very popular.

Advice! Decor on wedding dresses is welcome, but everything should be in moderation. If you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree toy, be careful with stones, beads, sequins and other shiny elements.


Prom is an important event in the life of every girl, so the dress for this event should be special. More and more girls are choosing white dresses for prom. This is due to the huge popularity of the Greek style, which can be presented in any color scheme, but it looks most advantageous in white.

Designers offer girls a wide range of outfits, the highlight of which is a high waist. This element of the cut, in addition to its aesthetic function, also has a practical one – it allows you to hide imperfections of the figure, for example, a protruding tummy or a plump hip.

Among the fashionable models-multi-layered transparent fabrics, without straps, with one strap. Products are generously decorated with decor-rhinestones, sequins, embroidery, brooch, wide elegant belt, decorative flowers.

Dresses with a corset are still relevant. Tight-fitting top, it improves posture, models the silhouette and emphasizes the waist and bust. A modern corset is not necessarily a tight lacing that makes it difficult to breathe. Modern designs are almost imperceptible, but, nevertheless, perfectly tighten the waist. This is a very important point, because the girl will have to spend the whole day in this dress.

Corset dresses with a full tulle skirt look great. This is a great option for a young lady who wants to feel like a Princess.

White dresses with flounces located on the hem, shoulders or waist look romantic and tender – any option looks interesting. The more openwork the cascade pattern of lush frills, the more elegant the graduate’s aufit. Models with vertical or horizontal flounces will help hide body flaws, fullness, or, on the contrary, add the missing volume to the figure.

Bright and expressive hit of this summer-dresses with a floral print, located locally or randomly scattered throughout the outfit. Girls who associate white with a wedding can choose an outfit with an ornament, for example, a dress generously strewn with large blue flowers or colorful small wildflowers. The other option would be to look at the young graduate is unparalleled.

White cocktail dresses girls choose because of the convenience and ability to serve the figure in a favorable angle. Stylists recommend girls models with open shoulders without sleeves, which can be supplemented with stylish jewelry.

Current textures of white dresses

White dresses designed for publication are sewn from expensive materials, due to which even the simplest model will look spectacular.


Guipure is an exquisite texture consisting of individual lace elements. Because of its low weight, it is easy to combine with other fabrics that are used for the lining-brocade, satin. Natural lace is not used so often because of the high cost, mainly synthetic fibers are added to the composition, which increase the wear resistance of products and add elasticity to them.

A delicate lace dress is the perfect solution for a special occasion, which is why such models are popular with all women, regardless of age. Ladies over 40 years old should focus on laconic models of straight cut MIDI length with inserts from other textures, girls will suit short dresses on a contrasting substrate, for example, scarlet or blue.

Remember! White color is like no other emphasizes the quality of the road texture and highlighted by the delicate patterns.


Chiffon is a light semi-transparent fabric with a simple mesh weave. It is perfectly draped and keeps its shape, so you get spectacular flounces, ruffles, pleats, pleats. The dress can be made entirely of chiffon, but no less elegant are models in which some individual elements are made of transparent fabric, for example, one of the skirts in a multi-layered set or the same flounce.

A chiffon white dress is a great option for hot summer days. In it, you will be irresistible both on a romantic date or on a walk along the sea coast, and at a friendly party or graduation party. Clothing made of this fabric is pleasant to the touch, light, flowing, breathable, so it is very comfortable and easy to wear.

The undoubted advantage of chiffon is that it is durable and, despite its ephemeral nature, quite easy to care for.

This summer, the following models of chiffon white dresses are especially popular:

  • with floral print;
  • a-line sundress with shoulder straps or a single strap around the neck;
  • asymmetrical cut;
  • with flounces and ruffles; with a smell;
  • in the Empire style;
  • linen style with lace trim;
  • combined (top made of denim, full multi-layered skirt.

Short in front and long in back

A dress of variable length or, as it is also called, a mallet is very popular. Chiffon is an ideal fabric for a complex and original cut of an outfit.

Evening white dress-mallet is perfect for special occasions, it is no coincidence that many brides choose it as a wedding dress. The front part of the dress varies from ultrashort to MIDI, the back is always long, often decorated in the form of a train.

Combined models look great, where a top made of lace is combined with a skirt with an asymmetrically shortened front skirt.

To create a stylish outfit for any occasion, including a wedding, you can use elegant red or blue sandals with satin ribbons that effectively wrap around the legs.

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