If there is an outfit that doesn’t go out of fashion, it’s a polka dot dress. It evokes thoughts of retro fashion and is associated with A-line items. However, the range of patterned dresses is much wider (check the top 15 on Aliexpress). Women will like tight dresses with small peas and colorful outfits with large patterns. Interestingly, the ” pea ” print is suitable for both a street or holiday image, and for the office.

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Model range

Not only the pattern is important when choosing an outfit. Styles of dresses can hide the shortcomings and emphasize the advantages. For fashionistas, there are spectacular models-cases with small polka dots, as well as flared dresses with large patterns. For those women who think printed fabrics are overly active, fitted dresses or a-line models with polka dot dress fabric trim are suitable as guipure. For example, models where the cuffs and collar are made of patterned fabric, and the base does not have a pattern, look elegant.

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The list of fashionable styles for women includes dresses in the Greek style, zap. models, lush cocktail dresses. Special attention should be paid to retro products in black and white peas. These dresses are considered classics of the genre and are suitable for women of all ages and types of figures.

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In retro style

When it comes to retro fashion, I think of puffy a-line dresses with a highlighted waistline and a contrasting polka dot pattern. Fashionistas will be able to try on red-and-white and black-and-white outfits with a sun skirt, contrasting lapels on the sleeves and a textile belt. These products are not only ideal for pin-up photo shoots, but also relevant in everyday life.

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For discerning fashionistas, there are variations for a retro look on the way out. You will also be able to choose a dress with a slightly more modest design for your everyday wardrobe. Blue-and-white variations, as well as red-and-black dresses with medium-diameter polka dots, look good.

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The retro dress will be complemented by versatile Nude pumps and a patent leather clutch. Those who go to a theme party will have to take care not only of the outfit, but also of the appropriate accessories. Long gloves and a contrasting color headband are extremely suitable for the polka-dot dress. The highlight of a retro dress with polka dots will be a bright wide belt.

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Long fitted silhouette

In the summer wardrobe, there is a place for a Maxi dress made of translucent fabric with polka dots. Designers offer fashionistas different versions of elongated fitted dresses made of printed fabric. Models with an American armhole and a high collar, as well as long transparent dresses with a shortened lining, look good.

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Another interesting option of Maxi can be called a dress in peas in pajama style. These are free-cut models up to the ankle bone. The sleeves can be long or three-quarters.

Advice! Such outfits can hide figure flaws, but shapeless dresses are not recommended for overweight women. They will only emphasize the massiveness and disproportionality of the silhouette.

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Maxi dresses with a white pattern on a black or blue background are suitable for a not too strict evening wardrobe. So, fashionistas willingly put on long dresses with a flowing skirt and lowered shoulders, as well as products of the most closed style with a boat neck or a stand-up collar.

Bright accessories are designed to complement this outfit: a red purse and belt, shoes and a clutch made of white patent leather.

For overweight women

The list of fashionable outfits for buxom women includes dresses with a smell. They can be strict or playful. In the first case, we are talking about models with a length just below the knee with a flared skirt. In Zap. dresses, the main accent is the belt. It delineates the figure, visually improves the proportions, and reliably fixes the outfit. In the business of cover variations, just one belt is not enough. Most models are supplemented with buttons. Check Best-selling on AliExpress.

Dresses-robes for everyday use have a looser cut, flow beautifully over the figure, and therefore hide flaws well. This model is loved by overweight women and expectant mothers. The presence of a triangular neckline visually stretches the neck and lengthens the silhouette. The dropped sleeve and flowing fabric smooth out the bulkiness of the figure. Also in the rating of fashion solutions for overweight women include dresses cut Empire and knitwear style “bat”.

Lush cocktail dresses for slim fashionistas

Short and puffy polka dot dresses are designed for parties. Many models can be found in cocktail collections. Designers offer fashionistas bandeau style products, bright sundresses or knee-length dresses with a lantern sleeve.

The fullness of the skirt is achieved in various ways. Dresses with pleats and multi-layered models look beautiful. The presence of a second skirt made of tulle or mesh, peeking out from under the main fabric, makes the dress extremely lush and playful.

These products are ideal for discos, parties with friends, themed holidays. Young fashionistas will be able to choose a red, blue, or green outfit with white peas for the prom.

Popular colors

The black and white pattern is considered a classic. The size of the pea determines the expressiveness of the drawing. So, a small print is recommended for overweight women, because it does not attract excessive attention and hides excess folds on the body.

Large patterns visually add volume. At the same time, slightly more elongated circles can visually lengthen the silhouette. Variegated large peas have a three-dimensional effect and make the female figure more textured.

The more contrasting the drawing, the more expressive the outfit. Those women who consider the pea print initially too flashy, can choose a moderate color of the dress.

Designers have prepared interesting combinations of colors for fashionistas, where colors of similar shades appear, for example, lilac and purple, blue and blue, gray and black, Nude and brown.


Red and white peas look very expressive. This drawing is suitable for blondes and brunettes, brown-haired and red-haired. A red dress doesn’t have to be a flashy shade.

It can be a brick or cherry background, Marsala or coral color. Polka dots are also not always white, although this is a more contrasting and familiar option. A red dress can be decorated with a black, blue or milk pattern.

If the pattern is taken as a dark color, then do not choose too large peas. The presence of a black, white or blue print obliges you to choose accessories to match the pattern.


If many women think black is dark, then the appearance of white spots on the fabric immediately turns the outfit into an original, colorful, expressive. A black dress with large white peas is suitable for cruise and beach holidays. A small pattern on transparent fabric is recommended for everyday, evening and even holiday outfits.

A knee-length a-line dress with black and white polka dots will be a universal solution for street bow.

To this outfit, you can choose accessories to match or bright things. A win-win option will be white or black pumps, a wide leather belt. Accessories in red, yellow, and turquoise tones are designed to make the image more bold and elegant. A black and white dress is considered the perfect backdrop for experimenting with a palette of accessories.


No less successful option for office wardrobe will be a blue and white dress. Rich blue color looks noble, elegant, refined. A sheath dress with white polka dots will fit in the summer wardrobe of a business lady. For the street, you should choose bolder variations of blue, for example, azure, turquoise, lilac-blue.

White pattern and trim in the form of a collar, cuffs and belt will transform a modest blue dress. Not only white peas can be chosen as a pattern. On a blue and blue background, black, yellow, fawn, and red drawings look good. In the image of a young fashionista, a light dress made of flowing fabric with polka dots of different diameters and a slightly distorted shape may appear.


Fans of the retro style will be able to choose for themselves flared dresses with short sleeves and a turn-down collar or a boat neck and sleeveless in brown. Variations of milk chocolate are welcome. They make white peas look amazing.

No less interesting is the dress of a light beige palette with dark peas: black, coffee, brown and Burgundy. In addition to retro models, designers offer fresh variations: multi-layered dresses made of brown fabric with a transparent Cape with dark polka dots. Popular dresses, models-cases and variations of glossy fabric in the pajama style.

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