A red dress with an open back is perfect for bold and confident fashionistas. This thing looks very sexy and even a little aggressive. With this item of clothing, you can always be in the center of attention. At the same time, it is very important to choose the product correctly taking into account the type of your figure.


An open back is usually made for cocktail and evening dresses. However, today there are also everyday products with this element. To look stylish and fashionable, you should consider the following features:

The cutout on the back has different depths. It can reach up to the shoulder blades or lower back. The shape of this element is also different. Designers offer traditional oval cutouts. There are also stylish triangular, asymmetric, and rectangular options.

In front, these dresses usually have a minimum of decorative elements. They are characterized by a very modest cut. The key focus is on the back area.

To enhance the decorative effect of the dress, the back cutout is decorated with rhinestones, stones, and sequins. Other elements can also be used.

This outfit is not suitable for all fashionistas. To look harmonious and attractive, it should be chosen by girls with an even posture and well-groomed skin.

Red dress with an open back: the best models

The front of this dress looks very concise and restrained. However, from the back, it reveals a seductive shape. Despite the fact that the outfit exposes a significant part of the body, it does not look vulgar. The right model is suitable for evening events and everyday bows.

To the floor

The long floor-length model is ideal for slender girls of high growth. This outfit can be used not only for creating evening compositions. Fashion collections include long summer sundresses that open the back.

Keep in mind that the back may not be completely exposed. In some situations, only the top opens, in others-the cutout is below the waist. In addition, this element can be supplemented with belts, ribbons, fabric details. There are interesting models with an asymmetric or curly cut.


Fashion designers offer girls casual and cocktail outfits. To create an image for every day, you should choose a stylish outfit with concise design. It should have a medium-length skirt. To create an actual bow, you can choose a hat with a wide brim and white additions.

Short cocktail dresses are made in rich versions of red. Owners of slender thighs will suit models with a full skirt. Women with rounded shapes it is better to give preference to products with the pencil skirt. At least a good solution would be a model with the silhouette.


The elegant dress must belong. Fashion designers use luxury materials such as silk, satin, and chiffon for evening wear. The addition of an open back makes this outfit seductive and sophisticated.

Often these models are supplemented with various decorative details – floral prints, rhinestones, and other decorations.

With a full skirt

This outfit is perfect for slender miniature fashionistas. For owners of small flaws in the back area, a model with a full skirt will help draw attention to the legs.

Young fashionistas should choose rich red options. Such products will bring a cheerful note to the composition. This outfit is perfect for going to a movie or club. At the same time, the make-up should not be too bright.


This style can be quite long or shortened. A straight floor-length dress is an excellent solution for festive events. This style is perfect for high fashionistas.

Short straight models look better on petite beauties. Usually such products are supplemented with a shallow cutout. To avoid vulgarity in the image, you should follow an important recommendation: the shorter the outfit, the more modest the neckline should be.

With a bow at the back

This outfit can be called one of the most feminine. A dress with a bow at the back can be long or short. Often, the decorative element is performed in a contrasting color scheme. This allows you to make the image more refined and mysterious. Often the item is decorated with stones or rhinestones.


This is a fairly universal version of the product. A loose dress looks great on both young fashionistas and older women. With this model, you can hide certain shortcomings. Girls with slender legs are perfect for short versions of the product. If you want to get a mysterious bow, you should pay attention to the models in the floor.

Tight dress

These dresses never go out of fashion. Tight models emphasize all the advantages of the female figure. However, you need to choose this outfit very carefully. Such products are suitable only for owners of impeccable forms. Even small folds on the body will not look too attractive.

With straps

This outfit looks very unusual. The straps can be parallel or intertwined with each other. To make the bow more expressive, you can choose an outfit decorated with rhinestones or stones.

With long sleeves

Long-sleeve outfits are very popular. This is the perfect solution for an outdoor party. The front of the product looks extremely concise and restrained. To look attractive, you need to give preference to the monochrome version.

With a cut

If you want to create a stylish and Frank bow, you should choose an interesting model with a cut. To look attractive, you need to remember a sense of proportion. An overly revealing cut should not be combined with an overly exposed back.

For overweight girls

Owners of magnificent forms can also afford a revealing outfit. To emphasize the waist and visually lengthen the silhouette, you need to choose products with a triangular cutout on the back. Do not wear products with a very wide neckline, as it can expose ugly folds on the back.

If excess weight is localized in the lower area of the silhouette, a triangular cutout will be an excellent option. It will balance the proportions of the figure and visually expand the shoulder area.

Owners of full arms and a fairly wide back are recommended to choose models with a shallow neckline that opens the upper back. A great option is a dress with a strap over the neck.

Red dresses with a bareback can be made from different materials. To look attractive in such clothes, you should choose the right stylish option.


This is an openwork material that includes lace and convex details. An outfit with an open guipure back can be selected for a party. Guipure dress is suitable for young girls – you can wear it to prom.


This fabric is used by fashion designers to make summer dresses. With the help of chiffon, you can get a lighter and more airy bow. Both young fashionistas and older women can afford this material.


This material is actively used for making cocktail dresses. Silk dress does not require a large number of decorative elements. The perfect solution will be models that are complemented by a double or triple neckline in the back area.


This outfit is perfect for creating evening compositions. Satin will adorn even the most concise dress. An evening model with an open back is a good solution for outdoor activities. It does not cause discomfort even in hot weather. If it is cool in the evening, you should throw a shawl over your shoulders.

Atlas is actively used for the manufacture of casual dresses. They are very comfortable and look amazing.


This fabric is considered very expensive and noble. Velvet dresses look extremely stylish. They can have different shades. The length of such products also differs – they can be short or medium in length.


This dress looks amazing. It can be completely openwork or supplemented with lace details. The second model is suitable for people who experience discomfort when their back is completely exposed. In this situation, you should choose a dress with a cutout covered with lace. A similar approach is used for sewing wedding dresses.

Knitted dress

This model is perfect for creating everyday compositions. A knitted dress can be worn with various accessories – it can be stilettos, scarves, jewelry, hats. Such products can have different styles, so every girl can choose the best option.

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