A wedding is a significant event that is prepared in advance and carefully. The culprits of the celebration, of course, are the newlyweds, but their parents can not afford to look ordinary. That is why the wedding dress for the mother of the bride should be perfect-luxurious, refined and elegant. In addition, you will have to think through accessories, jewelry, make-up, hairstyle and other small things, without which the image will not be complete.

Color scheme

Thinking through the image for this joyful and unforgettable event, it is advisable to ask your daughter what she would like to see her mother at the wedding. If the bride does not have any special requests, you can focus on your personal preferences.

At the same time, you need to take into account some points that will help you avoid awkward situations and look perfect.

Important! The color of the mother’s dress should not match the shade of the bride’s outfit. Today, wedding fashion trends include not only classic white, but also such shades as blue, pink, purple, beige, and Marsala.

Bold girls, confident, choose red, purple and even black outfits.

To avoid inappropriate competition with her daughter, the mother should give preference to a noble, calm color scheme that gives the image dignity and refinement.

A good choice is one of these shades, such as pale purple, peach, cream, blue, green, Burgundy. One of the most fashionable shades that you can take note of is the delicate Blooming Dahlia. A warm, slightly dusted pink with a hint of peach tone is a great solution for mom’s outfit.

An alternative is the elegant blue Little Boy Blue-a complex cold shade of incredible beauty and depth.


Even if it’s an elegant black dress, save it for another occasion. The bride’s mother’s dress should not be black, as it may cause unnecessary associations with mourning events.

But a stylish black Bolero, lace trim on the dress, openwork shawl, accessories are quite acceptable and can effectively set off the outfit in a light pastel shade.


The red dress is allowed by etiquette, but with some reservations. The style should be as restrained and elegant as possible, not burdened with a decorative element.

The bride’s mother is a woman, usually over 40. And if she does not want to attract the ironic looks of others, it is better to give preference to dark red shades

Choosing a dress according to etiquette

English women adhere to the tradition of wearing a one-piece dress for their daughter’s wedding, while in European countries it is customary for mothers to put on a suit.

The dress, according to stylists, is a more practical option. On this day, the mother will help her daughter put on a wedding dress, then-a trip to the wedding Palace, a festive Banquet. In this regard, it is worth giving up a long dress with a train that will interfere.

Recently, themed weddings are very popular, which assumes that all guests will be dressed appropriately. If the celebration is held according to the “Great Gatsby” scenario, the image of the mother may consist of an elegant dress with a low waist, decorated with rhinestones and feathers, a Cloche hat with a veil, a fur gorget, and other elements in the style of the 20s.

Choosing a dress, you should abandon the mini length, deep neckline, open shoulders and high slits, an abundance of ruffles, flounces, rhinestones, stones, appliques, transparent and translucent fabrics, as well as youth outfits. These elements will make the image cheap and vulgar.

The exception is the aforementioned theme parties, where kitsch is even welcome.

By the way, if the mothers of the bride and groom have a good friendly relationship, they can use similar dresses. Of course, there is no need to use identical outfits, it is enough if they are the same color, and the style and decor elements overlap.

Wedding dresses for overweight women

Fortunately, women with curvy forms today do not need to wrap themselves in shapeless robes, trying to use them to disguise the extra pounds. Clothing in the style of oversize, on the contrary, draws attention to the shortcomings. Here are the most winning models for overweight women.

Sheath dress

A sheath dress is one of the most popular models that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. The style is so successful that it can be used in both everyday and holiday fashion, and the daughter’s wedding is no exception. The characteristic features of this dress are a straight silhouette, no pleats and a collar, and around the collar.

To make the dress fit well, it is better to choose models from dense expensive fabrics. At the same time, it should be taken into account that matte dark textures hide excess volumes, while shiny ones, especially light ones, on the contrary, add a couple of kilograms.

With a peplum

A peplum dress is a godsend for plump Mature women. An element in the form of a flounce or frill, located at the waist or in another place (on the shoulders, hips, under the chest), even the most ordinary outfit adds elegance and chic.

  • A woman with a “pear” figure should choose a model with a peplum sewn below the widest place in the hips.
  • “Apple” will fit a dress with a flounce a couple of centimeters above the waist.
  • Owners of the “inverted triangle” silhouette should focus on models with a multi-layered peplum.

With long sleeves

Problem areas include not only curvy thighs and a protruding belly, but also flabby arms and swollen shoulders. That is why it is better for full ladies to choose not open, but closed models of dresses with long sleeves. Alternatively, you can use a shorter version of ¾ or fashionable sleeves made of transparent fabric.

Important! Tricks that will help you create a perfect silhouette with a plus size: V-shaped neckline, side slits on the skirt, vertically arranged medium-sized prints, smell, A-line, Maxi and MIDI length, restrained colors. And don’t forget about matching shapewear and heels.

For slim ladies

Women who, after 40 years, managed to maintain the slimness of the silhouette and lightness of forms, are admirable. For their daughter’s wedding, they can choose a dress of any style, as long as they correspond to the etiquette of the celebration (we discussed this above). Among the most popular holiday outfits for slender women are the following.

Tulip dress

The extremely beautiful and elegant model that is perfect for the mother of the bride. It is a product that fits in the upper part and tapers down with the help of the Assembly on a ribbon or elastic band. The skirt is lush and resembles an inverted Tulip Bud, which makes the outfit festive and elegant.

The Tulip dress seductively reveals slender legs, emphasizes the waist and hip line. At the same time, it is very important that the dress is not too short, otherwise the image will turn out to be vulgar, and this is unacceptable as part of a wedding celebration.

Mermaid dress

A spectacular model is usually Maxi length. The mermaid dress seductively fits the figure and expands downwards. Its peculiar cut resembles a mermaid’s tail, hence the name.

This is a self-sufficient elegant and feminine model, so the image should not be overloaded with peplum, flounces, ruffles, as well as bright accessories and large jewelry.


A bandage dress on a slender mother will look great, emphasizing a flawless figure. When deciding to dress for her daughter’s wedding in such a dress, a woman should be sure of the perfection of her forms. Preference should be given to not too open models, preferably with long sleeves.

Versatile, discreet and elegant sheath dress is suitable not only for full, but also for slender women.

Materials for wedding dresses

The invoice must correspond to the significance of the event. That is why, even if the wedding celebration is held in the summer, it is not a good decision to dress in an outfit made of comfortable, but not completely non-festive linen or cotton. The material must be expensive and high-quality, so that the bride’s mother can demonstrate impeccable taste.


A chiffon dress will look luxurious and aesthetically pleasing. The thin, weightless material holds its shape perfectly and allows you to create a multi-layered effect that is mega fashionable this season.


A lace dress for a wedding is a win-win option. This magnificent texture looks worthy in any model, transforming and decorating it. Lace dresses embody restrained chic, elegance and femininity – qualities that are so valued by Mature ladies.


Silk is an expensive fabric in the literal sense, but the high cost of the dress justifies itself and allows you to create spectacular outfits. Light, flowing silk, luxuriously shimmering in the sun, represents the figure in a favorable light. Most often, this fabric is used to sew dresses in the Greek style of a free cut with a high waist.


Undeservedly betrayed for several decades of oblivion, velvet is once again at the top of popularity. Velvet dress, regardless of the cut, looks aristocratic and extremely luxurious, attracting the attention of others.

So that the image does not look tasteless, do not overload it with accessories and cheap jewelry.


Knitwear is a controversial texture for a wedding, because it does not look as luxurious as, for example, velvet, and is more suitable for everyday clothing. If a woman certainly wants a knitted dress, then the choice should be approached as carefully as possible.

The fabric must be of high quality, otherwise the outfit will not make a proper impression. From suitable models, you can consider a dress with a smell, in the Empire style.

Finishing touches

To make a festive bow look perfect, in addition to the dress, you need to think through a lot of little things that make up the image.

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