Pregnancy is an exciting time for every woman, because soon a baby should be born. An interesting situation requires a lot. At this time, the figure undergoes significant changes-the abdomen and chest increase, the hips expand, and weight gain is observed. In this regard, there is a need to make adjustments to your wardrobe. And so you want to look elegant and feminine, if not the same as before pregnancy, then at least not worse.

Fortunately, maternity dresses offered by modern clothing designers in a wide range allow women to maintain their attractiveness and not sacrifice their comfort.

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A number of features of maternity dresses

Most women during pregnancy do not see the need to change their usual lifestyle. On the contrary, they work, study, actively attend various events, participate in photoshoots, and this means that they need to look appropriately. Check out Strap dresses here as well.

We can not say that the clothing of a pregnant woman is radically different from the usual, but it has a number of features that should be remembered, first of all, in order to preserve the health of not only your own, but also the child.

Regardless of the time of year, maternity dresses women are sewn from hypoallergenic natural textures. Most often used wool, linen, cotton, knitwear, lightweight denim. Preference should be given to elastic fabrics that stretch well, repeating the shape of the figure. It is very important to consider this point, otherwise, the clothes will squeeze, compress the growing tummy, interfere with normal breathing, which is completely unacceptable.

When making Guipure dresses, anatomical features are taken into account, so that the clothes do not hinder movement and do not cause inconvenience when wearing. The cut is designed taking into account the comfort of not only the expectant mother, but also the child, whose proper development should not be hindered by anything. That is why models for pregnant women, as a rule, do not have a waistline, are tightened under the breast or have a free comfortable cut.

Thus, if you choose an A-line dress and a case, the choice is undoubtedly worth making in favor of the first option. Especially if we are talking about the second trimester of pregnancy.

Save on maternity clothes is not worth it, even if it seems that buying it will damage the family budget. First, many maternity dresses can be worn both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Secondly, the same maternity dresses that you used when you were in an interesting position will probably be useful to you after the birth of a child, because the stomach does not become flat immediately. Third, modern models are sewn taking into account fashion trends, so you will not feel uncomfortable and old-fashioned in them.

Dresses that hide the belly are not only styles of straight, trapezoidal, loose and flared cut, but also stylish double maternity dresses that form light and relaxed, and at the same time elegant and chic image.

Casual dresses

Girls in the position of forming a wardrobe, fashion stylists recommend adding simple things to it, giving preference to color, rather than a complex cut and decor.

Everyday bright and concise dresses will look much better than outfits that are full of various complex elements, as they do not interact well with the curves and volumes that are known to be added during pregnancy. But the color, on the contrary, will make the image original.

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Scented dress

One of the models for pregnant girls is a dress with a smell, the cut of which allows you to compare it with a robe. This simple and functional style is attractive for expectant mothers who, on the contrary, want to emphasize their position.

There are several types of smell-diagonal, straight, partial, with a hidden clasp, imitating the smell. In this dress, the girl will be comfortable for any month. The emphasis here is on the breast, which throughout pregnancy looks extremely attractive.


Undoubtedly, a-line dresses (a-silhouette) are relevant, in which a girl in an interesting position will be very comfortable. The advantage of the model is that it hides a rounded tummy and this is attractive for those women who prefer not to advertise their position.

A characteristic feature of the dress: expanding down the cut, creating associations with a geometric figure. The sleeves can be long or short, depending on the time of year.


Straight dress – a classic version of everyday fashion, so many girls are happy to choose it to create images in the style of casual. This is a very simple, but the effective model allows you to hide a rounded tummy, curvy thighs.

Elements such as the cutout in the chest area, slits, and the original shape of the sleeve add a touch of zest to the outfit.

Winter dresses

Maternity dresses, intended for use in the autumn and winter season, are sewn from dense fabrics that retain heat well and will not allow you to freeze even in severe frost.

For the first months of pregnancy, products made of wool, gabardine, tweed are suitable, for the second trimester it is already advisable to look for spacious knitted and knitted models that completely cover the rounded tummy. Well suited for this purpose are winter dresses with a loose and straight cut, with a high waist, as well as asymmetric models.


A great option for pregnant women is a tunic dress. According to stylists, it should be in the wardrobe of every expectant mother. This is a versatile and extremely comfortable model that, regardless of the period of pregnancy, can be worn with tight tights, leggings and leggings.

Due to its versatility, the dress is perfect for both work and parties. There are a lot of tunic options – short, long, with or without sleeves-it all depends on the girl’s personal preferences. The loose fit successfully masks a plump waist and at the same time makes the image of a girl stylish and feminine. An alternative to the horizontal bar is a sweater dress.


Many girls in an interesting position prefer not loose, but tight-fitting models that emphasize an interesting position. Best for this purpose, a knitted dress with a collar is suitable, which can be worn at any stage of pregnancy.

Knitwear is a comfortable texture that allows air to pass through well and at the same time creates additional insulation. Its only drawback is that it can stretch from frequent wear, but this mainly applies to low-quality knitwear. The recommended length is ankle – length or knee-length, as shorter models look defiant.

For cold weather, a knitted dress is suitable, which reliably protects the body from the cold, has excellent air-passing ability and perfectly fits the figure.

This can be a product made of smooth cloth, and dresses of rough rustic knitting, decorated with braids, lozenges, harnesses and other elements are also very popular. It should be noted that knitted dresses have a significant drawback – they need to be washed only by hand, since they sit down from machine washing.

Summer dress

Most pregnant women have a hard time with the heat. Summer is a much more uncomfortable time for them than winter. A large amount of fluid consumed leads to the fact that the girl is gaining weight, many face such a problem as puffiness.

Fortunately, modern manufacturers of women’s clothing offer a variety of summer models made from natural comfortable fabrics, taking into account not only the needs of physiological needs, but also fashion trends. Among the most common textures for sewing summer dresses are cotton, linen, fine knitwear, staple, lightweight denim with the addition of elastane, modal, silk, satin, chiffon, and cambric.

Summer dresses, as a rule, have short sleeves (this category also includes sleeveless sundresses), a free comfortable cut. The length can be any-mini, MIDI, Maxi.

T-shirt dress

One of the most popular styles for pregnant girls is a shirt dress. It is a spacious and loose model, the upper part of which visually resembles a shirt. It is combined with a men’s wardrobe item by such details as a traditional sleeve and a front clasp.

Designers make adjustments to the model, make it more feminine with embroidery, appliques, lace, and asymmetric elements. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the waist can be emphasized with a belt. The length of the product and the sleeve may vary. The dress is perfect for the hot season.


In summer, many girls prefer loose wide dresses that help them comfortably survive the heat and do not restrict movement. Cute dresses with wing sleeves or flashlights will be useful both during pregnancy and after the birth of a child, until the figure becomes the same.


Dresses in the Greek style with a high waist, made of light, flying fabrics, are the best fit for everyday wear, but can also be used as an evening option. They can be worn at any stage of pregnancy and still feel comfortable.

Empire style includes a variety of models-with open shoulders, asymmetric elements (one shoulder), long, short, medium length and others-for every taste.

Evening dress

Pregnancy is not a reason to refuse to attend important events, such as anniversaries, birthdays, and others. The usual casual dresses, no matter how beautiful they are, are not very suitable for this purpose, so you need to look for an evening option. Fortunately, there is plenty of choice in stores!

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Sheath dress

For the first trimester, when the belly is not too visible, a sheath dress is suitable, characterized by simplicity and brevity of cut and at the same time solemnity and elegance.

The preferred length is MIDI. The perfect solution for a special occasion is a classic model of a slightly fitted silhouette without sleeves, with a neat semicircular neckline, special tucks in the abdomen and back, allowing a woman to feel comfortable.

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Mermaid dress

An outfit with a mermaid silhouette is a great alternative to the case. It is also more suitable for the first months of pregnancy, when the interesting situation is not too obvious. The mermaid dress has a smooth feminine outline, and the highlight is given to it by an open back and a Gode skirt, flared from the knee.

The advantage of a long dress is that it looks extremely elegant, feminine, makes the silhouette slim, graphic, but most importantly, hides swollen legs. That is why a long dress is more preferable than a short one.

Wedding Maternity dresses

A wedding dress for a pregnant girl should be elegant and comfortable because even despite the interesting situation, the bride will have to move a lot and be the center of attention. That is why it should please a woman and emphasize the tummy, which is her pride.

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When choosing a dress, you should avoid such forms of sleeves as lanterns that weigh down the figure. Much better will look light wings, bells, long tight sleeves that emphasize the line of the hands.

A large V-neck will draw attention to the lush chest. It is not superfluous to use a special bra.

Of the fabrics, you should give preference to matte, rather than shiny textures, which give the outfit an aristocratic and restrained elegance. The use of flashy fancy decor elements-feathers, rhinestones, stones, bows is also undesirable. But lace inserts will make the bow elegant and festive.

In the Empire style

Among the fashionable wedding models for pregnant women, dresses in the Empire style are very popular, which look extremely feminine and romantic. High waist, draperies, and asymmetrical elements will add a twist to the wedding bow. The shoulders in this dress can be open or closed. The length of the hem is not limited to any strict limits.

Balloon dress

In the first trimester, as long as the figure has not changed too much, the bride can choose a balloon dress. An open top and a short flared skirt with an elastic band at the bottom will make the image of the bride naughty and Flirty. Such a dress looks romantic and spectacular, and if it is not white, but, for example, pink or beige, then it will certainly be useful to the girl in the future.

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Mallet dress

A kind of compromise between a long and short wedding dress is a dress-mallet. They look extremely festive and elegant due to the asymmetric hem-a trend that is successfully used in wedding fashion.

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