Evening green dresses are a very stylish and fashionable wardrobe item that allows you to create spectacular bows. Such outfits always look extremely relevant. The green shade has many variations, which allows each woman to choose the best option depending on the color type of appearance.

Color features

The green shade is the real embodiment of freshness and youth. The undoubted advantage of this color is its versatility. Dresses in this color scheme can be worn by both brunettes and blondes. However, they are especially advantageous to look at the owners of red hair. It should be borne in mind that green shades favorably set off light skin.

To get a stylish and refined bow with the participation of such a dress, do not get confused in color combinations. To do this, just remember the summer landscape and the shades that are present in it. Thanks to this, you can look very harmonious.

Stylish green models

Green outfits are often present in designer collections. They can have different versions, allowing you to create extremely interesting and deep compositions.

Open back

Models with an open back are especially popular today. Dresses that have a deep neckline at the back look unusually festive and solemn. The best option will be products in the floor.

Models with a train look especially impressive.

No less solemn look products silhouette “mermaid”. Such outfits can be made of silk, chiffon, or guipure.

It should be borne in mind that this style is not suitable for every fashionista. Only owners of a slim figure who have perfect posture and flawless skin can afford a bold outfit.

With open shoulders

This option also looks extremely feminine. Most often, these models have a Maxi length. They are often supplemented with a lace bodice. The model of an emerald shade will look especially impressive.

It is worth noting that the bare shoulders visually expand the upper part of the figure. Therefore, girls with the “inverted triangle” body type should give up this style.


On slender fashionistas, models of light or dark shades, complemented by a flared skirt, will look the best. In this case, the lower part can be made in the form of a flat canvas, which expands in the form of a “sun” style.

Separate wedges will look no less successful. They can come from the upper part or from a specific part of the thighs. As a result, a certain imitation of the “Gode”model is created. Usually the hem of such outfits combines different shades.


Stylish oversize models are very popular today. However, the model may have different options:

  • strongly expand from the chest;
  • be completely free, resembling the appearance of a hoodie;
  • have additional details – for example, patch pockets.


This dress will look very stylish and feminine. Lace material can be used for the whole outfit or it can be used in the form of inserts. It should be borne in mind that the rich material itself can play the role of decoration.

Therefore, no additional decorations are needed in this case. Complete this elegant bow with stiletto heels and a black clutch.

If you want to get a more bold and extravagant bow, you should pay attention to the combined model. An excellent solution will be an evening outfit that combines lace and denser material.

Evening dress length

When choosing the length of the dress, you need to take into account the features of your figure. The solemnity of the event is also important.

To the floor

Floor-length dresses are most often made of lush chiffon or satin. No less successful solution will be an air organza. These outfits can have different styles:

  • silhouette “Princess” will help you create the image of a fairy-tale heroine;
  • an outfit with a high waist will look really luxurious;
  • dress-mermaid will help to emphasize all the advantages of the figure;
  • a long outfit with an open back will look very tempting.


Stylish short dress in green color will help to show others slender legs and perfect skin. At the same time, designers offer quite a lot of interesting styles. They differ in the splendor of the skirt, the shape of the bodice, the features of the sleeves or straps.

A great option for a cocktail event will be a sheath dress. This outfit, made in green, is sure to attract the attention of others. At the same time, designers offer a variety of shades – from soft mint to rich emerald color.

A sheath dress may have an additional decorative element in the form of a peplum. Thanks to this, you will be able not only to bring a zest to the composition, but also to hide some imperfections of the figure.

A very stylish solution will be a short dress with open shoulders. Such models are usually made of light materials. Thanks to this, you can get a very effective bow.


To look stylish and elegant, you can choose the latest MIDI length dress. Usually this outfit is made just below the knees. A green dress of this length will look extremely relevant and harmonious.

At the same time, the styles of such models also differ significantly. Tight-fitting products are usually made of dense knitwear. The collections also feature more spectacular curvy models. They usually have a tulle skirt.

To create a spectacular composition, you should pay attention to the current satin dress. It can be made in different colors. Very advantageous to look bright tones of mint and turquoise. At the same time, it is quite possible to afford more saturated options of a dark green shade.

Fashionable shades

This color has many shades. Therefore, in design collections you can find a huge number of stylish options. When choosing a particular tone, you should definitely take into account the features of your appearance.

Dark green

For several seasons, the shade of bottle glass has been extremely popular. This color looks great on owners of the summer or winter color type. Both blondes and brunettes can afford it. This dress will help to create a very bright and effective bow.


This color looks best on girls who belong to the winter color type of appearance. A deep emerald tone is perfectly combined with the skin tone of such representatives of the fairer sex.

Fashionistas of the summer type of appearance should be careful when choosing such a dress. It is recommended to combine it with a Bolero or a jacket of a different shade.

Girls of autumn and spring color types can afford more muted variations of green. The best solution will be olive color and khaki shade. They will be able to focus on the warm notes in the appearance of these color types.

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