The styles of evening dresses differ in variety. You can choose lush, long, short products. To buy a beautiful dress and create a harmonious bow, you need to take into account the features of the figure, the color type of appearance, and the time of year.

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Choose a style by shape type

The main rule that you need to focus on when choosing clothes – features of the figure:

Hourglass. It is characterized by beautiful proportions: narrow waist, identical hip and chest sizes. These girls will suit different styles. When choosing an evening dress, you need to keep a balance. Look good mermaid, sheath, a year.

Pear. This figure is characterized by narrow shoulders and wide hips. To make it more harmonious, you need clothes with a voluminous top. It has ruffles, decor, frills, flounces. In the area of the abdomen and thighs, there should be no draperies or other three-dimensional decor.

Triangle. It is characterized by large Breasts and slender hips. Therefore, a model in the Empire style is suitable. It will emphasize the chest and hide the hips.

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Apple. These girls have a spherical figure, which is characterized by a protruding belly. To make the proportions harmonious, you should choose a dress with a vertical Polka dot print or decor. Things with an inflated fit will look good. Because suitable outfit in the Empire style. Clothing that emphasizes the waist will look ugly.

Rectangle. This type of figure is characterized by the absence of a noticeable difference between the hips, waist, and chest. The dress should create the illusion of a waist or hide the reliefs. This problem is well solved by two-color models. The geometric print gives the body the proportions of an hourglass. Products with a cut-off skirt, which has a volume, look no less successful. You can choose a trapezoidal silhouette or a straight cut.

The tone of the dress

When choosing colors, you should take into account the features of appearance:

  • The winter color type is characterized by dark eyes and light skin. Such women have dark hair. They are suitable for cold colors-blue, purple, gray. You can buy a black or blue dress. Beige, brown, and pink clothing will look bad.
  • Women of the autumn color type have dark or pale skin. Hair can be red or honey. Eyes can be dark-blue, brown, green. These girls are suitable for olive, red, yellow tones. You can choose brown and blue shades. White things are forbidden.

Summer type of appearance is characterized by pink skin, light or dark ashy hair, gray-green eyes. A good option would be a delicate dress-blue, grayish, blue. Pink and lilac tones look beautiful.

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The spring color type is characterized by light pink skin, honey-colored hair, and blue or green eyes. These girls are suitable for pale pink, beige, coral shades. Lilac and peach tones look good. From clothing gray-blue, white or black tones will have to give up.

Fabric materials

Evening dresses are made from different fabrics:

Satin is a noble fabric. It is often used for sewing holiday clothes. The material is characterized by a beautiful matte gloss. The advantage of the fabric is the lack of electrification. These outfits look very nice and easily draped.

Silk is a breathable fabric that has hygroscopic properties. It is characterized by a matte gloss.

Guipure – used as a decoration or base. In the second case, the dress is supplemented with a cover that hides the naked body. The fabric has a beautiful pattern and looks very festive.

Lace – used by many fashion designers. They sew piquant models out of it.

Brocade-looks are very nice. The material has an attractive pattern. Usually, designers use standard styles, since the material itself is an image decoration.

Velvet-looks rich. Dresses made of this material are well suited for cool weather. The softness of the fabric makes the evening look more mysterious.

Long evening dresses

Stylists advise women to wear long dresses. They look beautiful, highlight the advantages of the figure, and can have a different cut:

A-silhouette-fits all body types. This is a classic model that looks good on all girls. Short fashionistas can look more slender. Girls with a good figure can emphasize their sophistication. The flared cut will fit full. A smooth transition to the hips helps hide excess weight.

Mermaid is a good style that suits girls with a small waist. It is characterized by a form-fitting cut that emphasizes the perfection of the figure. Bright accent-lush bottom. Looks good style with bare shoulders.

Ballgown – has a form-fitting top and a lush bottom. The style is complemented by a multi-layered skirt. This outfit will help you get a fabulous bow. If you want to look chic, you should choose an option with a crinoline. This skirt is complemented by a frame. Usually, such clothes are worn at social events.

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Asymmetric – the style is at the peak of popularity. The original cut can have a skirt. It is shortened at the front and lengthened at the back. This cut is suitable for petite girls of low stature. Asymmetry can be played out when creating a bodice. In this case, one shoulder is left open, and the second is held with a strap.

Evening dresses for overweight girls

Stylists advise overweight girls to carefully consider the choice of evening wear. The optimal styles include:

Trapezoid-visually lengthens the silhouette, making it refined. This cut helps hide wide hips. Some products complement the asymmetric bottom – they are shortened in front and elongated in the back. Styles are suitable for girls with beautiful legs.

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The Greek-style is a current trend. Girls with beautiful hands will fit wide straps. They look very feminine. The advantage of the model is a high waistline. It helps hide the protruding belly. A triangular or square neckline will accentuate the full chest. The asymmetrical neckline looks good.

The case is a good solution for girls with an hourglass figure. If full hips and a full bust are combined with a small waist, you can choose a case. It fits softly to the figure, but the dense material makes the silhouette more distinct. The chest will emphasize the triangular neckline. The style will pleasantly highlight the hips and make the waist thinner.

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Dresses for women 50+

These styles will help you look festive:

The Gode-cut expands from the chest down, helping to hide excess weight around the hips and waist. The closed outfit looks quite concise. This is a good solution for older women.

Straight – is a classic cut that will suit full and slender women. For sewing, different fabrics are used that retain their shape or form a beautiful drapery.

A bandage is a corrective product that fits snugly to the figure. The model resembles a corset. It fits snugly to the figure along the entire length, removes excess volume, resembling slimming underwear.

Evening Maternity Dresses

An evening outfit will help you look spectacular on a holiday. Comfort is very important for pregnant women. Good options include:

Straight – look good in the early stages. The case with a fitted cut looks beautiful. You can choose a model with drapery that will help hide the roundness. The image is well complemented by bright accessories. The style can be decorated with interesting details.

Sundress – allows you to feel comfortable. This style looks very beautiful. It is well suited for summer. Stylists recommend models with prints, different colors for the top and bottom.

In the Greek style – this style is well suited for the last trimester of pregnancy. The floor-length model looks very feminine. The tummy can be hidden behind a lot of tulle skirts. A bodice decorated with beads, lace, and rhinestones will help draw attention to the style.

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