For many women, Spaghetti Strap Dress remains the best solution for an evening out and special events. Designers offer short cocktail models with straps, as well as Maxi dresses with a train. Thin straps do not provide proper support for the bust, so owners of curvy forms should take care of special underwear.

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For brides and bridesmaids, fashion designers have prepared a lot of interesting Spaghetti Strap Dress. There are products of an asymmetric cut, where there is only one strap. Such models made in the Greek style look impressive. And the strap falls beautifully, turning into a train behind the back. Among the fashionable wedding dresses, there are cropped with a full skirt, fitted Maxi, pleated models with thin straps up to mid-calf.

Not the least important are the properties of the fabric used for sewing. So, wedding Spaghetti Strap Dress with thin straps are often made of flowing and light materials. Wide straps will complement a satin or silk dress.


Wedding brands are increasingly offering brides shortened options for registration. These models are much more convenient and meet the requirements of modern fashion. They are suitable for dancing, wedding parties and active competitions. In addition, a short dress can emphasize the dignity of the bride’s figure, especially if she has slender long legs.

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The list of successful solutions includes short dresses with an inflated fit, models with a full skirt made of mesh or tulle, as well as original dresses in pajama style.

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To the floor

Elegant Maxi dresses with thin straps do not go out of fashion. The floor-length product, complete with a veil and train, is considered a classic of wedding fashion. Girls will be able to choose original variations from silk and lace, pleated satin or pastel-colored chiffon.

Brides with curvy shapes look good in floor-length Empire dresses. Creases under the chest will hide the flaws of the figure, and the length of the Maxi will visually improve the proportions. Complement the outfit with thin straps will be able to lace Cape or Bolero.

No less relevant are floor-length dresses in Hollywood style. Designers complement the clothes with a high side slit, which makes the image of the bride seductive. The loop strap enhances the informality of the bow, and the wide single strap distracts from the errors of the figure.


Ladies who are going to the registry office, often choosing gowns for registration. Variations on the straps are good because they have more reliable support, unlike bandeau dresses. The length varies. Short girls of fragile build are good in short dresses with a full skirt. This can be a multi-layered product, a dress with ruffles or a rigid mesh that turns the skirt into a tutu.

Excessively puffy Spaghetti Strap Dress is rare. In such models, a corset that will hold a heavy skirt is desirable.

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Designers prefer products with a flared or multi-layered skirt, while the crinoline is practically not used. It is replaced by balloon skirts, tiers, ruffles and pleating.


For an evening out, women will be able to choose a dress in the style of Chicago, variations of the Empire style, retro a-line dresses. Evening fashion favors dark and rich colors, soft, well-draped fabrics, and noble Shine.

The range of evening models includes floor-length dresses, French-length products and models with an asymmetric cut – with a shortened front and a trailing train on the floor. Which option to choose for a special event depends on the scale of the event and the features of the figure.


Velvet is characterized by a noble Shine and fluffiness. This fabric plays in the light and creates a festive mood. Spaghetti Strap Dress is presented with simple cut options of flared or narrowed style. The triangular neckline emphasizes the chest line, and the fitted silhouette makes the image more feminine. No less interesting are velvet black dresses with lace inserts or trim on the bottom edge.

Another interesting solution for an evening wardrobe will be a velvet dress with embroidery with metallic threads. This decor looks noble and corresponds to the scale of the celebration. Complement the bow is a purse with metal fittings and shiny shoes to match the decor on the dress.

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Satin prevails on the fashion catwalk because it is cheaper than natural silk, but it is not inferior in beauty and elegance. For publication, designers have prepared the following options for women of fashion satin dresses:

  • a model with thin Maxi-length straps with a high side slit;
  • a full-length pajama-style dress with a textile belt and lace trim;
  • cropped satin dresses with drapery at the waist or under the chest;
  • pleated dresses with high-rise fit on thin straps; variations with a deep slit on the back.


Lace is considered an equally elegant material for evening and festive dresses. It emphasizes the tenderness and seductiveness of the female figure, makes any festive, even the most modest outfit.

Fully lace models are not typical for evening fashion, but dresses with openwork or guipure trim are welcome. Girls will be able to find shortened models of a form-fitting cut with a peplum, a multi-layered skirt, an open back. From lace, successful variations of the A-line are obtained, as well as fitted models in the floor. Usually the dress is held on thin straps, but if the top is made of smooth fabric, the straps can be wide and unpaired.

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To go out, you should choose a French-length lace dress with a flared skirt. The color palette varies, and in the evening fashion, preference is given to deep and rich colors: wine, emerald, black. Nude dress made of delicate guipure is suitable for fashionistas of a wide age range

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For Everyday

The image for every day will also refresh the outfit with straps, and it’s not just about summer outfits. For the off-season and cold season, designers have prepared unusual dresses with straps made of dense material. Just look at the knitted models with textured patterns, as well as unusual products made of smooth leather or suede. They are more like sundresses and are often worn not on the naked body, but over a t-shirt or turtleneck.

But, of course, a more rich assortment of everyday products is presented just for summer. Here, fashionistas can not deny themselves anything. The model range includes cotton, chiffon, lace products, as well as denim dresses with a metal clasp and wide straps.


Not every fashionista will risk putting on a leather outfit with straps, but such clothes are definitely worth attention. The range includes mainly black leather dresses, but there are also dark brown, wine, dark blue and beige variations.

Matte leather is more consistent with the everyday image, but girls wear patent leather dresses exclusively for the occasion. Everyday outfit will refresh the product with a straight or slightly flared cut with thin straps. This dress can be worn over a white blouse with a turn-down collar, youth vest or longsleeve.

Strappy dress with t-shirt

Not only can a leather outfit be worn with a shirt or t-shirt. Girls are willing to buy knitted, denim and chiffon sundresses, which are worn exclusively on top of other clothes. The dress with straps and a t-shirt fully corresponds to the casual style.

In the off-season, it is better to choose a product made of corduroy or suede, and the summer wardrobe will be supplemented with cotton dresses, which are usually combined with white t-shirts without a pattern. This solution attracts young fashionistas, as well as expectant mothers. With the help of a free-cut sundress, you can hide a small tummy and get a spectacular and stylish image for every day.

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Colors and prints

Designers do not limit the palette of outfits for women. The wardrobe will be able to add a solid color model, as well as a colorful and printed Spaghetti Strap Dress. You just need to immediately decide what things will be next to the outfit in the future. So, a colorful sundress in the casual style can be supplemented with plain t-shirts and blouses. A fitted dress with a narrow cut is combined with elegant jackets and blazers.

A win-win option will be a beige outfit. This product looks practical and in harmony with things like dark and pastel palette.

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As for fashionable patterns, floral prints do not lose popularity, which look especially good on flowing chiffon. Ladies with curvy forms should pay attention to the vertical stripe, and young fashionistas can try on outfits with unusual patterns: stars, abstraction, in a cage.


Ladies choose black outfits not only because of the practicality of the color. Elegant dress with straps will help out at a social event and cocktail party. A leather or denim sundress will fit into a casual look, and you can complement it with a white shirt or a t-shirt of a bright palette.


In the context of wedding fashion, a snow-white dress with straps looks preferable to other outfits. However, white also often appears in everyday outfits. In a summer look, a cotton dress with a cropped cut is irreplaceable. Although white is considered a bad color, it always looks attractive and emphasizes the sophistication of the style. If in the festive image of fashionistas rarely dilute white with bright colors, then in everyday outfit, contrasting combinations are welcome.


Not only girls under 25 are attracted to pink. In recent years, fashion designers often pamper fashionistas with dresses of this delicate and sensual shade. Preference is given to powdery paints, as well as a pink-smoky tone. Just look at the sophisticated lace dresses and cocktail dresses made of pink satin to eliminate the last doubts-pink rules the ball.

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