To decorate dresses, different decor options are used: lace, embroidery, sequins, braid, and much more. One of the decoration options is a bow. The dress with a bow looks quite original. In addition, this outfit is universal, since bows can have different sizes and be made of different materials.

Little history

It is possible that the bow is one of the most ancient variants of clothing decoration. Bows decorated literally all items of clothing from underwear to shoes and hats.

For decorating dresses, bows were used very widely. They decorated the neckline and sleeves, bows could be located at the waist or at the hem of the skirt. They became most popular in clothing during the Baroque period.

At this time, these elements were actively used for decoration and men’s costumes. But, of course, we are talking about the clothes of rich people. Ordinary citizens couldn’t afford fancy clothes.

From time to time, interest in the use of bows in the fashion world flared up, and this version of the decor became incredibly popular. But even in the periods of “oblivion” bows did not look something archaic. So this element can be quite attributed to the classics of fashion. Photos from fashion shows will make sure that most fashion designers use bows to decorate their models.

Who can wear this dress?

A bow is a universal decoration, it can be used for decorating their clothes by girls and ladies of different ages and complexions. You only need to choose the correct location for this element.

A cute dress with a full skirt and a bow located at the waist is a great option for young girls. This outfit can be sewn for a graduation party or for any special event.

Girls with perfect forms can afford to wear an evening dress with a bow and an open back. In this case, the bow is placed at the back, focusing on the seductive part of the female body.

Women with a modest bust can choose a dress with a large bow located on the chest.

Solid ladies of elegant age should abandon the lush and large bows, but a small bow on the neck, emphasizing the neckline, will be quite appropriate.

Girls with a large size may well use bows to decorate clothes. Just do not need to place these elements in the area of problem areas of the figure. For example, a large bow on the belt will make the figure even more massive and heavy. But if you sew a dark blue or black dress with a white bow located on the inflated waistline, the girl will visually look slimmer. Only the bow should be made neat and small in size.

Casual dresses

Today, femininity is in fashion, so modest bows will be quite appropriate on everyday dresses.

For work, you can choose a sheath dress with a bow and a boat neck. In this case, a neat bow can be located along the cut-out line, but not in the center, but on the side. Perfect for work, the dress has a straight or A-shaped silhouette with a stand-up collar, which is tied with a bow under the neck in front.

A colorful summer dress with a bow made of satin ribbon looks cute. In this case, the ribbon is selected to one of the shades of the dress color. You can decorate a dress with such a bow yourself, you only need to know how to tie a bow on a dress beautifully.

The simplest ribbon bow can be tied even by children, you need to:

  • take a ribbon of such length that it can be folded into two identical loops of the required length;
  • tie the loops in a knot;
  • straighten the resulting bow.

If desired, you can learn how to tie more complex bows in the form of flowers. To make these decorative elements, you can use not only satin ribbons but also other materials – velvet, brocade, silk.

Cocktail dress

A beautiful cocktail dress with a bow will be appropriate at any party. The bow can be made from the fabric of the dress or made contrasting. For example, decorate a yellow dress with a bright blue bow.

Models with an asymmetric neckline and a bow located on the shoulder look original. The bow can be decorated with a buckle with rhinestones.

Interesting look two-tone dresses, which have a bodice and skirt differ in color. In this case, the bow should be placed along the line of the” section ” of fabrics. Instead of using fabrics of different colors, you can use fabrics of the same shade, but different textures. For example, combine chiffon and fabric with glitter. Decorate this dress with a lush chiffon bow.

Evening dress

Bows can also be used to decorate evening models. So, fitted dresses with a full floor-length skirt are a bit like ballroom dresses of beauties from the past.

Bows for decorating evening dresses can be placed anywhere. You only need to take into account that this detail attracts attention, so you should place it in the winning places of the figure. Would you like to emphasize a slim waist? So, the bow should be placed on the belt. Do you want to highlight the cleavage line? Just place one large bow or several small flower bows there.

The bow on the back draws attention to this part of the body, so this version of the decor is suitable for girls whose figure does not cause complaints.

Wedding dress

A classic solution is a wedding dress with a bow. This outfit will certainly adorn any bride, if you choose it correctly. Models of dresses, as well as the shape of the bow can be very diverse, they need to be selected taking into account the features of the figure and the format of the wedding.

If you choose the option with a large bow, keep in mind that this particular detail of the decor will be in the center of attention. With the help of a large bow, you can easily emphasize the winning places of the figure and “disguise” problem areas.

A long puffy wedding dress with a bow located at the waist will create a feminine and delicate image. The bow at the waistline can be centered in the front, back, or side.

If the bride’s figure resembles an hourglass, then you should sew an outfit with a low waistline. The bodice fits the upper part of the figure like a second skin, allowing you to see all the curves. A wide skirt falls from the hip line, and a lush bow in the form of a flower is located on the line of separation of the bodice and skirt.

A short wedding dress with a bow looks playful and Flirty. Young brides can choose this dress in the style of “baby Dol”. This style is characterized by an inflated waistline, which can be decorated with a bow, and a lush multi-layered skirt. Elegant brides prefer a straight dress with an original vertical bow at the waist. Or a peplum dress with a small bow at the back.

Modern brides often want to” dilute ” the traditional white color of the wedding dress, using colored elements. A white wedding dress with a red bow looks elegant and attractive. The bow can be placed at the waist, decorating them with a belt-sash. You can support the color of the bow with embroidery on the dress or pick up the bride’s bouquet of red flowers.

Other colors are also perfect for decorating a wedding dress. If the dress is white, then the choice is not organic, white is perfectly combined with a variety of colors, both bright and pastel. Bold brides can choose a white dress with a black bow at the waist. You can make a bow from a long ribbon. Flowing along the skirt ends of a long ribbon visually stretch the silhouette, the bride will seem slimmer and taller.

Fashion bows

Here are a couple of fashionable looks offered by designers.

Business look

A sleeveless business dress with hemlines on the sides and a drape at the waist that turns into a neat bow is a good choice for a business lunch with partners. The beige dress is complemented by a gray short jacket, beige shoes with black trim and a stylish black purse.

For a party

To create a bold youth bow, a dress made from fabrics of contrasting colors is suitable. For example, cornflower blue and coral. The bodice of the dress in the form of a corset with open shoulders is cornflower blue, and the flared skirt is coral. The dress is complemented by a lush bow in the color of the corset, located at the waist. Along with it, you should choose red shoes and a blue clutch. Large earrings or clips to match the color of the purse complement the image.

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