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    A black lace dress is number one on the shopping list

Lace always looks elegant and feminine. A black lace dress is a self-sufficient piece of clothing that needs to be worn correctly. Usually such outfits are chosen for an evening look, but fashion brands are increasingly producing dresses with lace trim or thick lace for official business-style events or cocktail parties.

A lace dress can become the basis of a business lady’s basic wardrobe. Let’s not forget that without a small black dress, every woman’s fashion shopping list will not be complete.

When to wear

Let’s talk about where you can wear a lace dress. In a street bow, such an outfit may well fit, provided that all other elements of the image are verified to the smallest detail.

Some fashionistas manage to combine lace with casual clothing and brutal things. Without a doubt, this image will be provocative, youthful and daring. Not every woman is ready to dress like this, especially if there are problems with the figure.

Elegant lace will help out at special events and festive events. The beauty of a black dress is that it looks conservative, perfectly Slims and combines with various accessories.

When choosing a lace outfit, pay attention to the properties of the fabric. Lace can be dense, thin, airy, elastic. Fully lace dress can afford slender fashionistas. Other women should think about finishing with lace or a dress with a non-luminous lining.


The black lace outfit is perfect for an evening look. Preference is given to floor-length models or elongated dresses with a full skirt. The evening is bound to be luxurious. It is not surprising that when sewing dresses, a variety of decorative elements are used: rhinestones, sequins, beads, stones.

Embroidery with metal threads looks beautiful on black lace. However, it is worth remembering that the lace fabric is already too active. You don’t need to overload the image with small details.


The shortened model is recommended for corporate parties and holidays. It looks moderately strict but is suitable for dancing and active pastime. According to the dress code, cocktail dresses are designed for daytime outfits and events until 7 p.m.

The trend is a-line dresses with a layered or pleated skirt, bandeau style products and lace dresses with transparent sleeves. When sewing cocktail dresses, fabrics such as silk, velvet, and satin are often used, while lace is suitable for decorating the neckline and skirt area.

Styles of black lace dress

A Lace dress can be long and short, curvy and tight. Each event has its own unique black dress. When choosing a product, first of all pay attention to the features of the figure. The dress should fit perfectly and hide flaws as much as possible.

  • Let’s listen to the advice of stylists when buying a lace outfit:
  • owners of a magnificent bust and low growth will suit outfits with a V – neck;
  • if you have a columnar figure, a French-length a-line dress will emphasize the difference between the waist and hips;
  • fashionistas of the fragile physique can try on fitted and even tight lace dresses;

visually lengthen the figure is able to dress with an inflated waistline and Maxi length; make the hips more expressive, and the waist narrow will be able to dress, supplemented with a peplum.

To the floor

Lace Maxi models look fantastic. Some outfits are similar to the bride’s dresses, however, black color instantly transfers the fashionista from the wedding entourage to the evening bow. Floor-length dresses are designed for the rock and seductive outfits.

Especially popular are models of the “mermaid” style, which have a narrowed cut in the area of the knees and a skirt that expands downwards. Such products are intended exclusively for ceremonial exits and carpet paths.


For a youth image, nothing better than a short lace dress can be found. The mini length combined with a full skirt and light lace allows you to create a festive, comfortable, and moderately revealing outfit.

It is not surprising that such models are chosen by girls for prom or a party with friends. Dancing disco in a short lace dress is not forbidden. However, keep in mind that the shorter the outfit, the lower the heel of the shoes should be.


Long lace dresses are suitable for evening outings. These are not such solemn and grotesque models as floor-length dresses. Welcome length to the bone at the ankle or slightly higher. An interesting outfit looks with a shortened front and an elongated back skirt.

Lace, supplemented with a veil or tulle, looks Bohemian and elegant. The French length dress is ideal for owners of high growth. The product will help to balance the figure and draw attention to the elegant ankles.

The list of fashionable women’s outfits includes lace Maxi dresses with a high side slit. Wearing such outfits is recommended for slender girls with beautiful legs. A game of contrasts will help you hide your figure’s flaws.

Designers use semi-transparent and dense lace to stretch the silhouette. Alternating vertical stripes, Maxi length and fitted cut – a good solution for those women who want to appear taller and slimmer.

Lush like a “Princess»

Stylists are ambivalent about dresses of the “Princess” style. On the one hand, these are elegant and luxurious dresses created for the occasion. On the other hand, even special events and significant events require compliance with a certain dress code. If a full dress can be appropriate in a wedding image, then not every evening image will benefit from a ball gown.

Recall that the owner of a slender figure can wear magnificent dresses and provided that the lady’s companion is not lost in the luxury and massiveness of her outfit. If there are no reasons to refuse a magnificent dress, then multi-layered lace products embroidered with stones and metallic embroidery, as well as puffy Maxi dresses with open shoulders are available to fashionistas.

Options for MIDI styles

Tall fashionistas willingly wear MIDI dresses, because they look great on the figure, open their legs, but do not show anything superfluous. Given the frankness of the lace outfit, this length seems ideal.

Fashion options of recent seasons include a-line dresses in a retro style, as well as tight-fitting outfits with a dedicated waistline. A fitted dress with transparent sleeves of a loose fit will make the image light and feminine. Layered skirts and an American armhole are designed for dance looks and retro parties. A versatile option for a holiday outing is a lace dress just below the knees with a cut-off skirt and a silk ribbon instead of a belt.

Case and business models

For corporate parties and holidays in a working environment, a sheath dress is recommended. The black lace model is versatile and elegant. A knee-length or slightly lower dress is suitable for women of a wide age range. Cases with sleeves and peplum look both strict and seductive. A dress with open shoulders or a deep triangular neckline seems more revealing and elegant.

At the peak of popularity, sheath dresses with transparent inserts on the shoulders and chest. A dress with a dropped sleeve and ruffles along the shoulder line will adorn a business lady who wants to look stylish, concise and elegant at a party among employees.

With open back

If the dress has an elongated cut and sleeves, then the bright accent of the image will be an open back. Lace models of straight or fitted cut with an open back will emphasize the grace of the female figure. These dresses look good on women of medium build. Skinny women should give up a dress with an open back because it will increase the angularity and thinness of the figure.

A model made of thick lace with a slit on the back and a high side slit will demonstrate the seductiveness of a female silhouette and turn any fashionista into a socialite.

Long sleeve

Designers of women’s clothing complement dress with longer sleeves every year. If we talk about lace models, then dresses with a bone-length sleeve on the wrist are held in high esteem. Tight-fitting sleeves made of translucent lace, as well as absolutely transparent sleeves of a free cut with a narrow high cuff, look spectacular.

The top of fashionable lace models with long sleeves includes dresses of the “bat” style. However, the lace in this case is served dosed. For example, only the sleeves can be Lacy. Another option is a sewn Cape to the bandeau dress, which covers the shoulders and serves as sleeves. A dress made of elastic lace, complemented by a bat sleeve, is suitable for owners of beautiful thighs and buttocks. This model allows you to hide a disproportionately large chest or wide shoulders.


Only a confident woman will dare to put on a tight dress. A tight lace dress looks extremely sexy. It is recommended to wear it with boleros, fur capes and other things that can balance the image.

For a party with friends, a knee-length dress with a tight fit on thin straps or with lowered shoulders is suitable.


Another option for a provocative outfit is a completely transparent dress. Embroidery on the fabric is designed to partially hide the female body, but this is not enough, and you will have to take care of companion clothing. Even socialites and media personalities try not to dress in completely transparent outfits. They choose models with transparent inserts that allow you to show others the advantages of the figure.

But if you still refuse to see-through attire above all forces, then you should give preference to models of Maxi fitted cut. Short dresses made of transparent fabric look vulgar and tasteless.

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