Online stores help to update your wardrobe: in United States stores, fast delivery and convenient return of unsuitable items attract you, and in Chinese Aliexpress — a huge selection of styles, materials, and sizes on one trading platform.

When buying clothes on Aliexpress, you have to consider several subtleties.

Size. Chinese items don’t have a special size grid. The best guide in choosing a size is the seller’s table and customer reviews. If you receive an item that is measured differently from the size chart, you can return it or get the same one for free, but the right size — as agreed with the seller.

If a few dozen people left reviews on the dress, then there will probably be detailed reports on how a specific size fits on the figure with specific parameters. New models may not have such reviews, so you need to study the seller’s size tables.

Sometimes the size tables indicate body measurements: for example, a dress with a chest circumference of 92 cm and a hip circumference of 100 cm. Sometimes-the size of the dress itself. For example, the width of the dress in the chest area of 90 cm means that this size makes sense to choose when the chest circumference is no more than 86 cm, since 4 cm is the standard increase for a loose fit for adjacent dresses.

If it is not clear which dimensions are shown in the table — a person or a dress, ask the seller a question. In my experience, sellers of expensive small-scale dresses are more careful about sizes than others — you can just send them your measurements, and they will advise you on the correct size or honestly say that the dress will not fit you.

Material. The composition and weaving of the fabric strongly affects the properties of the dress. For example, denim will keep the shape, and crepe de Chine – easy to drape. A linen dress will crumple at a glance, and a Dacron dress will not require Ironing at all. If you want a breathable material, choose viscose, and for warmth — wool and cashmere.

With the exact indication of the composition on “Aliexpress” quite a problem. It is clearly written only by sellers of expensive dresses made of natural silk, wool and cashmere, who are proud of their product and are confident in it. For other dresses, the product name may include, for example, wool, and in the “characteristics” section — an incomprehensible mix: “chiffon, wool, acetate, polyester, cotton, lanon, spandex”. And only after persistent questions, the seller will “split”: this is wool with polyester.

I am a fan of natural materials, but I do not bring this preference to fanaticism. Mixed fabrics are more practical than natural ones, and tactile no longer resemble grandfather’s nylon shirt from the 1970s.

Here are examples of dresses of different styles for any budget that can be found on Aliexpress.

Mini dress with embroidery

  • Price: $50.99
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Material: polyester

What they write in the reviews:

“Everything is like in the picture. Embroidery is beautiful, high-quality. The only thing you will have to cut the protruding threads. The fabric is wrinkled, no matter how much you steam, but it is not critical, it does not spoil the look. On my parameters, 91/65/89 and height 177 cm size L sat perfectly, although I thought that I would have to sew in the waist.”


Light dress with a colorful print

  • Price: $49.80
  • Rating: 4,9
  • Material: silk Georgette

What they write in reviews:

“When I received the order, I was upset. The color scheme seemed to be some kind of grandmother’s. But after I ironed the dress and spent the first day in it, I just fell in love with it. It is very beautiful and tender. It makes me feel sophisticated.”

“Beautiful dress. The quality is excellent. At a height of 169 cm below the knee, before the beginning of the calf.”

Sleeveless dress with cherries

  • Price: $205.00
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Material: silk crepe de Chine

What the seller writes: “Elegant fitted dress made of natural silk. The zipper is sewn into the side seam, the lining material is silk. Ruffles accentuate the hips, and a decorative belt is added to the waist. Available in 4 sizes”.

Loose polka dot dress with three tiers of frills

  • Price: $12.99
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Material: viscose

What they say in the reviews: “the Dress is super. For height 172, size 42-44, breast size 92. Up to the ankles. Cut-off line under the chest, not at the waist. Light, elegant. I think it will look more beautiful on high ones.”

Oversized cocoon dress

Price: $20.99
Rating: 4.9
Material: polyester

What they write in the reviews: “a Good dress, high-quality material, quite dense, for a height of 168 cm and parameters 90/65/95, size M came up.”

“The fabric is dense, polyester. I was a little unlucky, the size of the declared in the table differs in the shoulders and chest — and there, and there is not enough for 2 cm. I wear a size 52. This XXL dress will fit on the 48th and 50th if you have small Breasts.”

Fitted denim sundress

What they write in reviews: “I liked the sundress. On parameters, 87/72/98 size L. Jeans are thin and stretch. But for me, there is one drawback-the strap is long. To wear them without a t-shirt, they need to be shortened.”

“On my parameters, I decided not to risk the size of M and take L — and I did not lose. On the chest 93 cm and hips, 95 cm sundress sat perfectly: it does not hang and does not press anywhere. I didn’t shorten the straps, as I read in the reviews. At a height of 165 cm length to mid-calf, slightly higher. The length was removed to the knees: everything below interfered with walking.”

Coat dress with flared sleeves

Price: $26.52
Rating: 4.9
Material: polyester

What they write in reviews: “The quality of the material is good, it looks expensive. Dress for autumn-spring. On my parameters 88/69/96, the village is excellent.”

“It’s fabulously beautiful! Material, sewing, and style-I like everything! It’s a little oversized for my Russian size 46-48, but it’s even better this way.”

Ethnic Chinese style dress

  • Price: $27.91
  • Rating: not yet
  • Material: pressed cotton

What the seller writes: “the Dress is made of pressed cotton, the lining is also cotton. The buttons are made by hand from a textile cord. Single size: chest width 112 cm, dress length 110 cm, sleeve length 54 cm.”

Loose denim sundress with leather straps

What they write in the reviews: “the Combez is cool, the jeans are of high quality, they do not stretch. On their parameters, 96/85/100 bought a size 2XL. Village in size, even you could take 3XL, it would be a little freer. Excellent for a height of 168 cm.”

Strict crepe dress

  • Price: $329.00
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Material: Silk crepe

What they write in reviews: “The quality is excellent. The color is deep, the fabric is thin, but not translucent. It fits well, as in the photo.”

Warm qipao dress with embroidery

  • Price: $99
  • Rating: not yet
  • Material: wool, polyester

What the seller writes: “a Model based on traditional Chinese clothing. Dress made of fine wool, machine embroidery on the hem and collar. A-line silhouette, three-quarter sleeve. Available in 5 sizes: waist from 88 to 104 cm”.

Knitted dress with a flared skirt

  • Price: $33
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Material: acrylic, cotton, nylon

What they write in the reviews: “Very beautiful and high-quality dress. At 85/66/94, the height of 170 cm is comfortable in size M. Jersey Is not very elastic, the blue color, in reality, is more muted.”

“Great dress, the color is not bright, a little smoky, but very beautiful. As always, the quality of Inman is excellent-the seams are smooth, there is no smell. My height is 157 cm, parameters 89/64/89. The seller advised me to take a size M, and it fit perfectly, just like in the photo on the model and in length, and on the back, and on the chest. Girls, I draw your attention: it’s fitted, but it doesn’t fit tight, at least according to my parameters.”

Knitted tunic

  • Price: US $67.70
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Material: cashmere

What the seller writes: “a Thin cashmere dress with a soft stand-up collar and Raglan sleeves. Available in 5 colors and 5 sizes: for breast size from 85 to 105 cm. At the same time, the length of the dress practically does not depend on the size: 90 cm for S and 93 cm for XXL.”

Long warm dress

  • Price: $81.20
  • Rating: 5.0
  • Material: cashmere

What the seller writes: “Soft and cozy cashmere dress with a collar and side slits. Available in 5 colors and 5 sizes – for chest circumference from 82 to 98 cm. With a height of 170 cm, the dress length is 124 cm – up to the middle of the Shin.”

Long knitted dress with Aran pattern

  • Price: $225
  • Rating: not yet
  • Material: cashmere

What the seller writes: “Loose sweater dress with a hood. Slumped shoulder, short back slot. Single size: bust 100 cm, dress length 100 cm, sleeves 45 cm”.

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